A Guide to Russian History and Genealogy

Russia has a tumultuous history. It’s been through many different ruling dynasties including the famous Romanov dynasty of Czar Nicholas and Princess Anastasia and many different upheavals, including the Russian Revolution. Here are sites where you can find information about how Russia came to be what it is today.


Many people discover at some point that they may have Russian heritage. They want to know where this heritage comes from by tracing which of their ancestors was from Russia, when they left the country, how they ended up somewhere else, and raised a family. The best way to do this is to research Russian genealogy and try to find that missing link.


  • Russian Genealogy Resources: Provides links to the best sites with information about researching Russian genealogy.
  • Odessa3: Page for a digital German-Russian genealogical library.
  • Germans from Russia: Helps Germans determine if they are also part Russian. It has many links to different sites.
  • Russian Genealogy: A list of links to sites that contain a lot of information about Russian genealogy.
  • Databases: Some links to databases and good articles that discuss about Russian genealogy.
  • Genealogical Terms: Discusses important terms and what they mean. These are terms that one will see when researching Russian genealogical terms.
  • Germans from Russia Genealogy: Another site with links to pages that help people sort out if they are Germans with Russian heritage as well.
  • Russian Surname Resource Center: A list of common Russian surnames to help those doing genealogical searches.
  • Important Terms: Another site that outlines important terms one should know when researching about Russian genealogy.
  • Volga Germans: Provides information on the Germans who made Volga Valley of Russia their home.