A Kid's Guide to the United States Congress

The United States government may seem like a topic just for adults, but in reality it's a very complex and interesting system that we all learn about in school. The word government comes from the Latin verb "gubernare," meaning "to govern" or "to manage." And that's just what our government does, it manages the country and the way in which we live. The United States Government is made up of three branches, which are the executive, legislative and judiciary branches. Branches is nothing but a fancy word that means “parts,” and in the case of the United States Federal Government, each of these branches or parts is supposed to be co-equal. That means that no branch is more powerful than the other branch, and each branch is supposed to limit another branch’s power. The United States Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government because it comes up with the laws in the country. The laws that Congress pass have an effect everyone, even on kids! They tell us what is legal, or what we can and cannot do, just like parents in a way.

Here are dozens of more resources for you to learn more about Congress and other aspects of government: