A Listing of Government Resources

Government resources are an excellent sources of information for those trying to find people and those doing an in depth background check. People who lived in a foreign country may hide part of their past, but contacting the agency directly uncovers that hidden information. Those who are trying to locate missing people can also use these resources to find if the person resides in another country.

Helpful resources on government agencies and different governments include:

  • United States Senate : offers information on current and past senators, the result of past votes and news on upcoming votes.
  • United States House of Representatives : discusses what the House does, laws of the country and events scheduled for the upcoming week.
  • The White House : covers current issues and information about the President and the White House.
  • Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee : lists the current goals of the group and what they plan to do to complete those goals.
  • Canada : details the government in Canada; available in both French and English.
  • Denmark : provides basic information on the different governmental agencies in Denmark.
  • Republic de Cabo Vedre : offers detailed information on the government of Cabo Verda in their native language.
  • Kenya Guide to Government : provides information on laws, local government and Parliament.
  • Australia : covers government initiatives and the latest news from different departments.
  • The People’s Republic of China : contains facts and contact information for the court, President and the State’s Council.
  • The Government of Anguilla : gives a directory and access to recent documents filed by the government.
  • Government of Belize : contains information on the laws, acts and government agencies in Belize.
  • Bolivia : covers the President and other government offices in the country.
  • Government of Chile : lists the government offices and the major news in Chile.
  • San Marino : covers the government offices in the country along with the latest laws and news.
  • The Scottish Parliament : provides information on the Scottish Parliament and upcoming sessions in Chamber.
  • State and Public Institutions : compiles a full list of Portuguese government agencies.
  • The Senate of Spain : offers information on how the government works, with a full listing of all departments.
  • Direct Gov : lists information on all governmental agencies in the United Kingdom.
  • Germany : provides English translations of German laws, regulations and information pertaining to their government.
  • Tunisia : covers the constitution, laws and government of Tunisia.
  • UAE Government : offers resources on the different offices of the United Arab Emigrates.
  • Switzerland : provides a full listing of all offices in the Swiss government.
  • Sweden : lists the basics of the Swedish government, including the offices and members.

There are a number of reasons why people might need to contact the government of a foreign country beyond doing background checks. They may want to move to the country, research a paper or even learn more about the laws in that country. This is all possible by using the resources provided here.