All About the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a major movement that swept across parts of Europe during the Middle Ages. England, France, Italy and Spain were all affected. It changed the way people thought by introducing new concepts, and it revolutionized the art world. Architecture, art, drama, poetry and literature were all changed, just to name a few.


Architecture of the Renaissance looks at how buildings evolved during this era.

Renaissance Architecture offers definitions, images and descriptions of architecture from the Renaissance.

Art History

Early Renaissance gives a basic history of art during the renaissance and the popular or well known artists.

Italian Scuplture looks at how sculpture evolved because of the renaissance in Italy.

Castles, Cathedrals and Churches

The Gatehouse contains pictures of castles, a searchable database and basic information on castles.

Exploring the Renaissance shows a video that details how a castle was built and how it was used.

Chivalry, Romance and Marriage

Chivalry offers historical background information on what chivalry meant and how it was used.

Renaissance Courtship and Marriage examines the role of marriage and courtship in a traditional renaissance era relationship.

The Crusade

What Were the Crusades? gives background information on the Crusades.

Medieval Crusades discusses why the Crusades occurred, what they meant and what happened later.

Crusades examines the Crusades from a religious perspective.

Crusade encyclopedia entry on the full history of the Crusades.


Renaissance Drama looks at authors working during this era.

Renaissance Drama lists popular authors and plays.


A Display of Heraldrie a complete transcript of the book published by John Guillim.

Heraldry, Chivalry and Renaissance examines some popular symbols used during this era and their meanings.


History of the Renaissance offers a short biography of the renaissance.

The Dawn of a New Age examines the changes that brought about the renaissance.

The Inquisition

The Inquisition examines the various inclinations of the Inquisition.

Christianity and the Inquisition looks at how religion played a factor in the Inquisition.


How a Boy Becomes a Knight gives a detailed description on how a male child worked his way up to knighthood.

The Function of Armor in Medieval and Renaissance Europe shows how the armor was worn by knights.


16th Century Renaissance English Literature lists the popular writers and works created during this era.

Renaissance English Literature an in depth look at the themes and influences found in English literature created during the renaissance.


Renaissance Thought describes trends and common elements found in renaissance philosophy.

Philosophy Chronology offers a timeline of philosophy during the renaissance.


Women Saints and Sainthood in the Middle Ages provides information on the female saints from this era.

The Renaissance lists saints from the Middle Ages.

Science in the Middle Ages

Science in the Middle Ages lists information on scientists working during this time period, and the major changes they made.

The Middle Ages - Health shows the major advancements made in the health field during the renaissance.

The Renaissance affected all areas of life and all types of people, from the well known royals to the long forgotten peasants. It was viewed as an era of enlightenment, because it opened up people’s eyes and changed the way they thought about common things. The links provided here are meant to help better understand the era and the changes it brought about.