All You Need To Know About Adoption

The process of adoption is rewarding and can be very exciting but at times can also become overwhelming. Adoption involves a long, complicated process and any family that has decided that adoption is right for them must first do their research and learn all there is to know about the process. There are many options available for families that are looking to adopt a child and the information that you need to know depends on the type of adoption you are planning on pursuing. Families need to decide on whether they want to adopt a child from the country they live in, or pursue an international adoption. There is also the decision of whether to have an open or closed adoption, and the rules for adoption vary depending on whether you are married or single.

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Types of Adoption

When one decides that adoption is the best option for them, there is then the choice of what type of adoption to pursue. One choice is to go with an independent adoption. Independent adoptions are normally overseen by a lawyer that must adhere to licensing standards. Another type of adoption is agency adoptions. Agency adoptions provide the greatest assurance that everything will go smoothly as these agencies are required to follow strict procedural and licensing standards. Adoption rules and procedures will also change depending on the age of the child one is looking to adopt. There is also a decision to be made about the birth family. Some adoptions are open, and this means that the adopted child still sees their birth parents. While some adoptions are open, many are closed meaning that the birth parents do not see the child unless the child decides to pursue finding them when they are older. Many people also adopt relatives that need to be taken care of, or foster children, as well as children overseas. The regulations and standards will vary greatly depending on what choices you make for your adoption.

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Who Can Adopt?

Many different types of people are eligible to adopt however the rules and restraints are largely based on the adoption agency that you are using. An increasing number of agencies as well as foreign countries are now allowing single applicants to adopt. Research studies have proven that single parent adoptions are very successful, and often times single parents are better for children who have trouble dealing with two parents because of neglect or abuse. Adoptive parents can be married or single, and divorce or a history of counseling does not eliminate you as a candidate for adoption. In order to adopt you are not required to own a home or have a very high income, and people with disabilities are not disqualified from adopting. Adopted children do not need perfect parents they only need a loving, nurturing family.

What Does Adoption Cost?

One of the biggest concerns when pursuing an adoption are the costs involved in the process. The price largely depends on the type of adoption one is exploring but adoptions on average cost anywhere from $0 to $40,000 or more. The best way to find out the specific costs of adopting is to contact the agency you are working with directly.

Approximate Adoption Costs

  • Foster Care Adoptions $0-$2500

  • Licensed Private Agency Adoptions $5000-$40,000+

  • Facilitated/Unlicensed Adoptions $5000-$40,000+

  • International Adoptions $7000-$30,000

  • Independent Adoptions $8000-$40,000+

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Adoption Issues to Consider

When a person decides to pursue adoption they need to be aware of the issues that may arise during the process. While adoption can be exciting and extremely rewarding, things don't always go as planned. Often times, adoptions will fall through and hopeful parents have to deal with the disappointment of a failed placement. Families with other children also have to worry about how a new sibling will fit in, and even single parents have many challenges they need to consider. There are also many legal issues to consider when thinking about adoption. There are tons of laws pertaining to parental rights, and then there is the concern of frauds and scams, and the birth parents time frame to revoke the adoption. One must do lots of research and be familiar with all of the scenarios that can potentially occur during the process of trying to adopt.

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