American History of the 1930's

Running a background check on the 1930s in America is a sad thing. The Great Depression left many without jobs and around 25% of the entire country was unemployed. Considering that the country had nearly 123 million people, that was a significant amount of people without jobs. The average salary dropped as well, with some earning as little as $20 a month and others earning around $40 a month. Food prices were fairly low, but most couldn’t afford even the basics. A dozen eggs cost 18 cents, soap was 6 cents and a loaf of bread was just 8 cents. The following resources cover even more topics relating to America in the 1930s.

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Living in America during the 1930s was a difficult time. Employee background checks didn’t exist because those who could afford hiring new workers hired those who needed help. The country managed to have some fun and exciting times, but it wasn’t until World War II that things really improved.