Big List of Genealogy Links

Research your family's roots to get the big picture about your name, your personality and even your career choices. Finding the facts can be fun, rewarding, and at times frustrating. You may encounter roadblocks and dead ends along the way. However, if you are persistent and organized, you can eventually find out quite a lot about your family.

Start your research at home. Gather any family records that contain birthdates, marriages, deaths, military service and property owned. List the names of all of your relatives on a blank family tree. Include information about where each person lived at the time of their birth and death, if known. Expand your data by accessing records online that will help you confirm where everyone fits in your initial family tree.

Native Americans, African Americans, and people whose families left Europe to settle the colonies can all benefit from the treasure trove of data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau. They have been counting Americans since 1790. However, privacy laws restrict public access to records before 1930. You will be able to view many records on microfiche at one of the many National Archives locations in the U.S. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) has one of the largest repositories of family records in the United States. They also have regional centers that host copies of records on file in their Utah headquarters.

Your next steps will depend on what branch of the tree you need to complete. Whenever you are searching for your ancestors, you will find many helpful people who have been down the same path. Don't hesitate to ask for them tips.


Adoption: search for adopted family members.

African American Genealogy: resources for people of African descent.

Vital Records: find birth and death certificates, marriage, and social security records.

British Genealogy: lists over 5,000 resources for British and general genealogy research.

Canadian Collections: research Canadian roots and immigration.

Cemetery Research: get historical data from graveyards.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: the Mormon Church's extensive records of American families.

Civil War: military service records from the civil war.

Ellis Island Records: immigration records from Ellis Island entries.

English Royalty: genealogy of the royal families in Great Britain.

European Genealogy: tips on searching for ancestors in Europe.

Family Research: free family tree index.

Family Trees: a web circle for genealogy researchers, search journals, and notes.

Free Genealogy Help: large collection of Internet genealogy resources.

Freedmen's Bureau: information on emancipated slaves.

French Genealogy: find descendants of French immigrants.

Genealogy Forum: forum for genealogy researchers.

Genealogy Roots: request tombstone images and Daughters of the American Republic records.

Cyndi's List: genealogy tips, links and resources.

Genealogy Web Ring: collection of related genealogy resources.

Irish Ancestors: resources for finding people from and in Ireland.

Jewish Heritage: family trees, indexes, and tutorials.

Roots Web: free genealogy, resources, and community assistance.

Hispanic Heritage: Mexican government genealogy resources.

Military Research: find military service records.

Name Research: research country origins of surnames.

Native Americans: research tribal and government records.

Natural Disasters: find out if floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes displaced your ancestors.

People Search: state, city, and local information on almost all US adults.

Public Records: state, county, and local public records.

National Archives: request public records from government sources.

Genealogy Locator Portal: genealogy research tools, tutorials, and blog.

Scottish Genealogy: search for ancestors from Scotland.

Ship Lists: immigration data, including slavery.

U.S. Census Data: public census records prior to 1930.

Underground Railroad: research records of escaped slaves and abolitionists.