Blog Search Engines

With new blogs appearing constantly, how can readers find exactly what they are looking for? Sometimes finding interesting content is as easy as clicking on a “blog roll”. Blog owners are generous with links to sites they enjoy, and visitors to a particular blog can often be pointed to related content by following the blog roll.

But a reader who is hunting for a particular blog or particular content will need to rely on a blog search engine. A blog search engine is the tool to use to find out what is available in the blogosphere. Blog search engines search for both blogs and RSS feeds.

Feedster was one of the original real time search engines, and added new services along the way to evolve Web 2.0. It searched anything with a feed, and was a pioneer in RSS-based technology and services. Feedster was gradually replaced with other blog search engines.

Probably the best known blog search engine is Technorati. It is a real time search engine dedicated to the blogosphere. Information can be searched for by keywords, or by Technorati tags. Tags are labels that writers use to make it easier to find blog posts or related photos and videos. This blog search engine is a good way to check popularity or find links to other blogs.

Some other popular blog search engines include:

  • Bloglines is useful both for searching the internet for blogs, and for subscribing to site feeds.
  • Blog Pulse is a blog search engine that analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere.
  • Blog Digger is a blog search engine that includes an option to search for local blogs.
  • Blog Scope is a user-friendly analysis and visualization tool for the blogosphere, which assists users in extracting interesting information from millions of blogs.
  • Ice Rocket is an excellent blog search engine that allows users to search by topic or by blog URL. Trends for topics can be compared using this search engine.
  • Sphere allows users to connect their articles to contextually relevant content from archives and from blog posts.
  • Amatomu focuses on blogs published in South Africa.

Another way to search the blogosphere is with traditional search engines. The blog search through Google is a good choice, especially for speed. also has a blog search feature.

Technology is developing rapidly, and blog search engines are no exception. As quickly as things change in the blogosphere, there are advances being made to search engines in an effort to provide readers the ability to find exactly what they are looking for.