Celebrity Atheists and Agnostics

An individual who claims they are Atheist is one who does not believe in God. Celebrities in this category include Hugh Laurie, who has stated in interviews that he does not believe in God, Seth MacFarlane, who has stated in the past that he denies God exists, and Shirley Manson, who left behind a religious background when she denied her faith. Other celebrities include:

Paul Bettany - views his Atheism as a personal choice.

Gabriel Byrne - became an Atheist after spending several years in a seminary.

Ray Romano - stated that he doesn’t believe in God.

Steven Soderbergh - denied God exists in several interviews.

Howard Stern - has claimed that he dislikes all religions and has no faith or belief in a higher power.

Eddie Vedder - claimed that religion was based on stories and not facts.

Woody Allen - stated in the past that God was dead, and he had no beliefs.

Lance Armstrong - wrote in his autobiography that he had lost his faith and beliefs.

Kevin Bacon - said in 2005 that belief was a human right, but that he didn’t believe in God.

Bret Easton Ellis - the writer told an interviewer that he was once agnostic, but now considered himself an Atheist.

Harvey Fierstein - stated several times that he’s both Jewish and Atheist.

Clive Barker - told fans that he didn’t believe in God and thought it was a made up concept.

David Cronenberg - has stated that he is a complete Atheist and has no beliefs in a higher power.

Ani DiFranco - has bluntly told reporters in the past that she’s an Atheist.

Larry Flynt - stated in his autobiography that he was an Atheist.

Dave Foley - admitted on television that he was an Atheist.

Jodie Foster - has stated that she’s found no evidence to prove there is a God.

Janeane Garofalo - claimed that she went from a Catholic upbringing to an Atheist belief.

Ricky Gervais - admitted on his DVDs that he’s an Atheist.

Kathy Griffin - stated that she’s tired of religious talk and has no beliefs.

Rachel Griffiths - claims she’s Buddhist, but mainly Atheist.

Angelina Jolie - frequently claimed that religion isn’t for her.

Agnostic is a different type of belief from Atheism, because these individuals state that they question the existence of God. They tend to have some religious beliefs, but in general, question His existence. Celebrity agnostics include Antonio Banderas, Zac Efron, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking and Larry King. Others include:

Monica Bellucci - who admitted to reporters that she was agnostic.

Lewis Black - uses his lack of religion in his standup routine.

Carrie Fisher - claims she likes the idea of God, but doesn’t believe.

Dave Matthews - stated that he had no faith, but he’s glad some people do.

Roman Polanski - states that he has no religion or beliefs.

Keanu Reeves - stated that he has his doubts as to the existence of a higher power.

Uma Thurman - says she likes all religions, but doesn’t follow anything.

Ted Turner - has claimed for years that he’s agnostic.

Craig Ferguson - claims he has no beliefs.

Bree Olson - claims to not believe God exists.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - has questioned God in the past.

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