Cultural Cooking-The Complete Resource for World Recipes

Cooking holds a special place for many cultures around the world. It is often at the heart of cultural and social life. Learning about the different cooking techniques and recipes of other cultures can help to give people an insight into that culture and it's history. The following resources will aid those interested in further exploration of cultural cooking from around the world.


Egyptian Recipes: A large collection of authentic Egyptian recipes from the tour guide to Egypt.

Tasty Egyptian Vegetarian Recipes: the Vegetarian Resource Group provides a selection of vegetarian dishes from Egypt, and a look at the history of Egyptian cuisine.


Ethiopian Cookbook: A comprehensive look at Ethiopian food and the culinary culture of the country.


Turkish Food Resource: Yale University's guide to Middle-Eastern cuisine includes a selection of resources for Turkish cooking.

Turkish Recipe Collection: A site devoted to Turkish cuisine, with a wide selection of recipes.


Australian Recipes and Cooking: A comprehensive set of resources on Antipodean cuisine, with recipes, cooking guides and further reading.

Old Aussie Food Recipes: The home for traditional Australian cooking.


Nutritional Chinese Recipes: A set of Chinese recipes with the emphasis on the nutritional benefits of the Chinese methods of cooking.


Local Kine Recipes: The University of Hawaii provides an exhaustive collection of traditional Hawaiian foods.

Eat Like You're In Hawaii: An illustrated guide to classic Hawaiian dishes.


Indian Cuisine: The Indian International Student Organization provides a guide to the staples of the Indian diet.


Japanese Recipe Guide: Stanford University's guide to Japanese culture includes a collection of resources on Japanese food and drink.


The Secret of Korean Food: A guide to the main ingredients and preparation of Korean recipes, with information on Korean culinary culture.


The Modern Art of Thai Cooking: A comprehensive set of recipes for the Thai enthusiast.


Classic Belgian Recipes: The tourist portal for Belgium provides a selection of the country's best-known dishes.

Belgian Food: A discussion of Belgian cuisine, with a particular focus on seafood recipes.


The Great British Cookbook: A huge and diverse range of recipes from the British Isles.


French Food: A look at classic French recipes and the country's famous gastronomic culture.

French Regional Recipes: A selection of French dishes, with an emphasis on the regional cooking of rural France.


German Food and Beverages: A large selection of authentic German recipes, as well as further information on German cooking.


Classic Greek Recipes: An illustrated guide to Greek cuisine from the Corfu Tourist Board.


Guide to Hungarian Dishes: A comprehensive collection of Hungarian starters, mains and deserts.

The History of Hungarian Gastronomy: An article delving into the history behind Hungary's cuisine, with recipe guides.


Authentic Irish Dishes: A sample Irish menu with cooking instructions.

Old Irish Recipes: A collection of Irish favourites from the Sons and Daughters of Erin.


Organic Tuscan Cookery: A selection of recipes from Tuscany with an organic twist.

Global Gourmet's Guide to Italian Cuisine: A comprehensive look at the food and culinary culture of Italy.


Polish Recipes: A resource for those interested in classic Polish dishes.


Portuguese Food: The Portuguese Tourist Board supply a large assortment of traditional Portuguese recipes.

Classic Portuguese Dishes: A look at some of Portugal's famous recipes.


Spanish Cooking: The travel guide to Spain provides information on Spanish culinary culture as well as a selection of popular recipes.

Spanish Cooking and Latin Culture: An information resource for the culinary heritage of Spain.


Brazilian Cookbook: A selection of simple Brazilian dishes.

Guide to Brazilian Food: A comprehensive collection of Brazilian recipes.


Creole and Cajun Recipes: A thorough look at Cajun cooking culture and its distinctive recipes.

Native American

Traditional Indigenous Recipes: The American Indian Health and Diet project provides an illustrated guide to the traditional foods of the Native American peoples.

Native American Recipe Database: An online resource for those interested in exploring Native American cuisine.


A Jewish Recipe Archive: A site providing a range of Jewish recipes from the traditional to the unconventional.

Jewish and Kosher Food: A through guide to the essentials of Jewish cuisine.