Daniel Shay and the Shay's Rebellion

The American Revolution was an extremely important time in our nation’s history. The new settlement in America had just removed themselves from the laws of Britain, and were fighting oppressive taxes and other laws designed to keep them under control. In 1786-1787, a rebellious uprising took place known as Shay’s Rebellion. This intense battle was named after a man known as Daniel Shays, a farm owner who was also a war veteran himself. He led the rebels to fight against attempts to control and oppress the farmers in the area of Massachusetts, and ensure that their land would be able to stay with them, and not taken by the government. People were placed in debtor’s prisons because they owed tax money. Some were actual veterans of other battles, who were treated with little to no respect even by their own leaders and officials when they returned from battle. Soon, they began to gather up friend and neighbors in an attempt to form an independent coup that would rise up against the oppression. Farmers also joined in and took up arms, and they were led by farmer and war veteran Daniel Shays. These rebels were known as “Shaysites.” The government officials later performed an intense people search to find anyone involved in the rebellion, and many were imprisoned or killed.

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While Shay’s Rebellion played an integral part in the American Revolution, there was a lot of pain and bloodshed that happened all over the nation here and in other battles. Freedom was not something that came easily for the people of America. Fighting the oppressions of the British government, tax collectors, and land thieves took time, hard work, and most importantly, a spirit of fierce refusal to obey and determination. It was because of people like Daniel Shays and his followers that the country was able to sever its ties from British rule and establish its own, independent government.