Famous Canadians

Every nation has its share of notable natives. From astronauts to movie stars, Canada also has plenty of well-known people who were born and raised there that have contributed to our society. No need to perform an extensive people search; there are plenty of famous Canadians to be found. Here are some of Canada’s most well loved and widely recognized citizens:


Jim Carrey – This famous Canadian actor has starred in tons of comedies including Bruce Almighty, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and many more.

Michael J. Fox – Perhaps one of the most famous Canadian actors, he starred in Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, and many more popular films.


Francine Bradette – Canadian artist who creates beautiful, modern abstracts and Inuit themed paintings

Joseph Giunta – Modernist painter who was born in 1911 and has hundreds of well-respected pieces of artwork


Chris Hadfield – This NASA astronaut has won several awards, and been on several space missions

Daffyd Williams – Another Canadian astronaut who has logged almost 400 hours in space



Wayne Gretzky- Perhaps the most famous Canadian athlete of all time, this hockey player is known around the world for his amazing skills in the sport

Kurt Browning – A very personable ice skater, Kurt Browning has appeared with Stars on Ice and other events since the 1970s


Leonard Cohen – This singer, songwriter, and poet has been writing famous songs for decades. Many consider him to be a legend of his own time.

Margaret Atwood – Female author who has written many novels, short stories, and poetry


Jack Kent Cooke – A well-known philanthropist and former owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins, Mr. Cooke has made a name for himself for owning several sports teams including the Baltimore Orioles and LA Lakers, to name a few

Tim Bray – Internet entrepreneur and creator of the XML application, Bray has also been credited as helping create the first search engine known as Open Text



Tom Green – Goofy Canadian who was once married to Drew Barrymore, Tom Green now hosts his very own “live” web show with famous guests

Mike Myers – Born in Ontario, Myers was once an SNL cast member. He has since starred in the Austin Powers series as well as Wayne’s World and several other famous comedies


James Cameron – One of the world’s most famous film directors, Cameron has worked on movies like Titanic, Rambo, The Abyss, and True Lies

David Cronenberg – Horror film director who worked on movies like The Dead Zone, Dead Ringers, and many other gory films


Pamela Anderson – This blonde Canadian bombshell has been a model, actress, and PETA advocate who has often been controversial

Tommy Chong – Part of the infamous stoner duo Cheech and Chong, Tommy was born in Canada


Peter Jennings – One of the world’s most famous journalists, Jennings died of lung cancer at the age of 67

Morley Safer – Canadian-born Safer has been on the news program 60 minutes since 1970


Avril Lavigne – Popular singer and performer who has had plenty of hit singles, and now has her own clothing line as well

Linda Evagelista – Linda is a word famous model who has been on the scene for decades. She was born in Ontario in 1965


Sum 41 – An extremely popular punk rock music group from Canada, Sum 41 has had many hits and MTV videos

Bryan Adams – One of the most famous singers of the 1980s, Bryan Adams still sings, tours, and writes music today


Sidney Altman – Born in Montreal, this Nobel Prize winner has been a pioneer in the field of chemistry

Sir William Osler – Known as one of the most influential physician in history, Osler became an expert in diagnosing problems with the heart, lungs, and blood