Find Your Element- Science Games for Kids

Science games are an excellent way to either introduce science to kids or, if said kids already like science, to further their interest in science. Using games to explain science to kids makes the subject seem less intimidating and friendlier to them, which should work to making them more receptive to its concepts. Effective science games will be fun for kids while at the same time teaching them about important scientific concepts. All of these science games are great for kids in elementary, middle and high school settings.


? Science Games Resource Page: Webpage that features several games for elementary school kids, ranging from the periodic table to anatomy.

? Kids Science Activities: Webpage that features a number of games for primary school kids, ranging from oil spill concepts to insect concepts.

? Word Search and Puzzles: Science webpage that features games involving word searches, puzzles and mazes about science topics like biodiversity.

? Fun Science Websites Directory: Webpage that lists dozens and dozens of websites that feature educational, science games for kids of all ages.

? Scienceview Games: Webpage that offers several games for younger children, including learning about acids and bases.

? Jefferson Lab Puzzles and Games: Website that provides kids with games in science, math, and even wordplay.

? Quia Science Games Page: Webpage that features a long list of science games for elementary school kids, including subjects like astronomy, moon phases, and the atmosphere.

? Science Review Games: Website that features a list of games depending on area of interest.

? NASA Games: Science games from NASA that revolve around eating in space and returning from a trip to space.

? Game of the Periodic Table: Science game for younger kids that includes the character “Proton Don,” where the concept is to identify the elements on the periodic table.


? Science Game of Parachute Drop: Game for older kids based on the concepts of drag and gravity.

?Welcome to Energyville: Chevron's game on energy for the future. Provide enough energy to power your city while keeping it prosperous, secure and clean.

? Virtual Labs: Website that provides virtual labs and ensuing science games for high school kids to learn about topics like cardiology and neurophysiology.

? Immune System Science Game: Science game that allows high school kids to navigate through the immune system of a sick patient.

? Genetics Science Games: Website for high school students that teaches them about genetics by the use of games and virtual labs.

? Labyrinth Science Game: Science game for middle and high school students that has them working with math-based puzzles surrounding a larger narrative.

? Outbreak Science Game: Science game that introduces high school kids to a public health scare.

? Science Pirates Game: Science game for middle school students that teaches them about food safety knowledge.

? Tox Mystery Science Game: Science game that involves older kids learning about substance abuse as they search various rooms in a house.

? Geology Jeopardy Game: Science game in which high school students can learn about geology.


? Science Quizzes Page: Webpage that includes a few science quizzes for all ages on subjects related to scientists.

? Assorted Science Quizzes: Webpage devoted a various science quizzes on topics like Albert Einstein to a quiz on general science.

? 24 Science Quizzes: Webpage that offers 24 science quizzes that are good for everyone from small kids to adults.

? Science Quizzes for Different Ages: Webpage of science quizzes that spans age groups in later elementary to middle school.

? Simulation Science Games: Webpage of simulation games that immerse the visitor in scenarios like a cow’s eye and lunar and solar eclipse.