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Many people have a fascination with death. Many others, especially here in the United States, have an obsession with celebrities, sports stars, politicians, and anyone else in the spotlight. When one of those celebrities die, especially when it is sudden and tragic, attention is drawn to the matter by the media and by the public in a gigantic way. When the Charles Manson “family” horrifically murdered Sharon Tate people wanted to turn their heads in respect, but instead their eyes were riveted to the crime scene and the circumstances. Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll, and he seemed to have the best that life had to offer. Yet he drank and ate to excess until his heart gave out and he died too young; the world watched him fall. Curt Cobain took his own life, yet became a hero to the young who followed his music. Michael Jackson lived a life of strange suffering and oddities, but the public demanded more and more of him until it all became too much. America watched in fascination as the King of Pop fell the very last time. Even after death, millions each year flock to the burial sites of the celebrities they held in such high regard in life, or sometimes even higher regard after death.

v     Michael Jackson’s death’s impact on tourism: Jay Aldrich comments on the impact that the star’s grave-site could have on the economy in the area around his resting place. However, the writer points out that if the site has strict regulations regarding its visitors, word will get out quickly, and the tourism factor of the grave-site will diminish.

v     Sharon Tate - Internet Accuracy Project: This site offers a short biography on Sharon Tate and the details of her death as well as gives the place of her burial. It seeks to offer any clarification or misleading information on her death.

v     Perth burial for Ledger - Heath Ledger: An article from an Australian newspaper, this is an informative piece explaining the details of Ledger’s memorial service in the United States and the decision to take him back to his homeland to bury him in Perth. Somewhat a feature article, it also gives information about incidents that happened after Ledger’s body was found in his New York apartment.

v     Jimi, Bruce & Curt--A ghoul's guide: Seattle’s guide to celebrity grave-sites, this site boasts only three: Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, and Curt Cobain. Of course, it has been pointed out that Curt Cobain’s ashes were scattered along the coastal river, so one has to stand at its edge to pay respects. Jimi Hendrix has a small, unobtrusive memorial at his grave site. Bruce and son Brandon are both buried at Lake View Cemetery, and is touted as a “major pilgrimage site.”

v     Jim Morrison's grave: For those who believe that Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, did indeed die in Paris in 1971, his grave-site is located in the “Poet’s Corner” of the Pe?re Lachaise cemetery in Paris. This site has an excellent biography of Morrison’s life and death, as well as some pictures of his gravestone in Paris.

v     Forest Lawn Glendale: Stars' Graves: This is the homepage for Forest Lawn’s Hollywood stars’ graves; this cemetery attracts over a million people a year, and thousands have been married here as well. It contains a museum, an art gallery, as well as being the place where hundreds of stars lay their heads in eternal slumber. These stars include, but certainly are not limited to, George Burns, W.C. Fields, Walt Disney, Alan Ladd, Nat King Cole, Louis L’Amour, and Theodore Dreiser. However, security is tight in this memorial garden, and “star” gazing is frowned upon. Many graves are difficult to find, many are completely private, and many guards simply take maps of those simply looking for the burial sites of famous people.

v     Woodlawn Cemetery Bronx NY Where Elite meet to Decompose: Pictures and commentary about Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Musicians, authors, and politicians such as Duke Ellington, Fritz Kreisler, Herman Melville, and Fiorello LaGuardia are buried here.

v     Hendersonville Memory Gardens: This cemetery is the burial place of Johnny Cash as well as “Mother” Maybelle Carter, June Carter Cash, Luther Perkins (Cash’s guitarist), as well as other musicians and songwriters.

v     Basil Rathbone: Master of Stage and Screen - A Visit to Ferncliff: Basil Rathbone is buried at Ferncliff Cemetery in New York, and this site takes the reader to the site of his gravestone, providing pictures and descriptions. Also buried at Ferncliff are James Baldwin, Judy Garland, Malcolm X, Ed Sullivan, among others.

v     Arlington National Cemetery:: John F Kennedy: Only two presidents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. This article tells of John F. Kennedy’s visit to the cemetery before his death, then gives details of the ceremony that takes place during his burial.

v     Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites - TIME: Time’s Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites, these photo-enhanced brief articles give brief synopses on the grave-sites of Princess Diana, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, James Joyce, Frank Sinatra, John Belushi, and Johnny Cash.

v     The Pacific Ocean: Rock and Roll Roadmaps: Tongue-in-cheek list of artists whose ashes were cast into the Pacific Ocean in case people would like to pay their respects at that location.

v     Smith's Body in the Bahamas for Burial - ABC News: News article giving the final resting place for Anna Nicole Smith after much discussion as to where she should be buried. Controversy, jealousy, and arguments seemed to surround all aspects of her death; her child, her manner of death, and her burial place was no exception. Finally, it was decided that she would be buried with her son in the Bahamas, after three weeks of her body being kept at the Medical Examiner’s office.