Former Congressman Christopher Shays

Congressman Christopher Shays was born October 18, 1945, in Connecticut and lived in the small town of Darien. He later moved to Illinois to attend Principia College, a Christian Science University. After graduating he moved to New York where he attended New York University and finished an MBA and MPA. Shays has always remained a Christian Scientist throughout his life, but confessed in 2006 that he was uncertain about his religion.

Shays met a young woman by the name of Betsi DeRaismes and the two were married in 1968. Right after the wedding, they departed for Fiji where they both worked for the Peace Corps. Once the couple were back in the States, Shays worked as a political aide and also served in the Connecticut House of Representatives for 13 consecutive years: 1975 through 1987.

The last year he served in the State House of Representatives, he won a one year term as a U.S. Representative after the current office holder passed away. He continued to win re-elections and held onto his seat until the 2008 election. Shays was a consistent sweeper in the election with the exception of 2004 when he just barely held onto his seat.

Christopher Shays has always been a Republican, but he'ss also been highly outspoken in his beliefs over the years. Though he claimed to be conservative, the press consistently labeled him as a liberal due to his liberal voting habits while in office. The 2008 saw Shays lose his seat to Jim Hines in a narrow margin, with many claiming the victory came because of the Democratic sweep of the country.

Shays currently resides in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with his wife. Jim Hines, who beat Shays in the 2008 election suggested in the press and to President Barrack Obama that Hays be named Director of the Peace Corps. Shays himself discussed this idea to the press.

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