George Washington: Father of our Country

George Washington: Father of Our Country

The United States of America is over 200 years old and many people have played key roles in the birth and growth of the new country. However, one of the most important figures in U.S. history may be George Washington.

Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia. He was educated at home by his father and an older brother. In his younger years he worked as a surveyor in Virginia, and later became a planter/farmer. However, one of the key events of his life occurred in 1752 when he was appointed as Adjunct General in the Virginia Militia. As Adjunct General he was charged with training the militia, and was named Major. Washington also served heroically in the military during the French and Indian Wars.

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Through his work in the French and Indian Wars and his community activity as surveyor and planter, Washington began to make a name for himself. In 1758, he was elected to several local offices, and was eventually elected to the Virginia Legislature. However, he was not directly involved in national political affairs, even though he did background checks on colonists, until 1769, when he became a leader in the anti-British movement.

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In April 1775, when the Revolutionary War began, Washington was prepared to enter the War. Congress created the Continental Army and Washington was named Commander in Chief. From 1775 until 1781, Washington led the Army through several important events including being involved in the Battle of Yorktown, when the British surrendered. Throughout the war, Washington displayed leadership abilities that would serve him in the near future.

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At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, the new country needed a strong leader to lead the country, and it turned to Washington. He became the first President of the United States of America, serving from 1789 to 1797. He is the only President to be elected by 100% of the vote. The leaders of the country at the time wanted Washington to accept a third term as President; however he refused to accept the nomination.

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Washington left the Presidency in March 1797, and returned to his Mount Vernon home in Virginia. With the war over and the young country starting to grow, Washington was able to relax and return to being a farmer. However, his retirement was short lived. On December 14, 1799, George Washington got a bad cold which turned into pneumonia, and died at the age of 67.

George Washington will be remembered as a leader and the father of our country. The work that he did for the United States in his military service and his political career has left a lasting legacy in the 200 years since his death.