Guide to Academic Jobs Search

Landing a job in academia can be the realization of a dream that an individual has worked toward for many years. Preparation and research are two extremely important elements in the search for an academic job. In addition, once a job seeker has focused in on where they want to apply, a thorough knowledge of the interview process may be the difference between getting the job and renewing the search. A person in pursuit of an academic job will profit from being better acquainted with the process as a whole.

 Prepare for a Job Search

Resumes and Cover Letters

Targeting and Researching Employers, etc.

Executing Your Job Search Campaign

Job Listings!

Networking, Interviewing, and Negotiating

Salary Guides and Guidance

  • Salaries for Faculty: Find information about average salaries of university faculty.
  • Salaries of State Faculty: The National Education Association offers a look at the average salaries of faculty in various locations.
  • Salary Range Guide: A simple way to get an idea of the various salaries for academic jobs.
  • A Philosophy Career: A gathering of facts about an academic career in a school's philosophy department that includes a look at an average salary.