He Can't Tie a Tie (Will they Hire the Guy?)

Searching for a job is hard work in itself. There are many things to consider and certain tips and advice that can navigate a person in the right direction. The most important thing is to stay positive and know that eventually the perfect job will come along. Most people want to land the career of their dreams on their first try, but it isn’t always easy to do. There are times they will have to face a few career changes before they find true happiness in their employment. With patience and persistence great things will come.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the long-term unemployment rate as increased to 6.2 million. These are based on people being without a job for twenty-seven weeks or longer. With the way of the current economy jobs are extremely hard to come by but there are steps a person can take to give them a better chance of landing the job of their dreams. Whether you are seeking a career in science, a job at a university, a community college, jobs with the federal government or any job in general, you can begin your search online through sites such as CareerJet.com, Monster.com, and CareerBuilder.com. Once a person decides on a career and finds the places they would like to apply for, they are ready to take the next step.

Almost every employer is seeking extremely critical success factors from a potential employee. If a person has these success factors about them then they have a good chance at being considered for the job, but they cannot get the job if they do not apply. It is not enough to apply and walk away though. A person must write an effective cover letter and a professional resume. If these two items are presented in a professional manner it can lead to the sought after job interview.

The interview can be a little nerve racking. Sometimes a person does not know how they should prepare for the interview. One of the most important things to remember is that in a job interview, first impressions make all the difference. When a person dresses appropriately it helps make a great first impression. It is not enough to throw on something simple. Women have guidelines they can follow to impress at the interview and men have a professional dress code as well. When men dress for success it is best for them to wear a tie but many are unsure how to tie them perfectly. The following links will provide instructions on how to tie a tie with the most widely used knots.

  • A simple tie – Here you are given step-by-step instructions on how to tie a tie properly. Images are also included. This provides the basics for a basic knot.
  • Windsor knot – This knot projects confidence because it is triangular and wide. It would be great for a presentation or a job interview.
  • Four-in-Hand knot – This knot is narrower and is asymmetrical in shape. It works great with ties made of a heavier fabric and looks great with shirts that button down.
  • Half Windsor – This knot is basically the same as the Windsor knot but it is a more modest version. It also looks great with all types of dress shirts.
  • The Diagonal knot – This link is a video that shows how to tie a tie using a diagonal knot. This video also shows how to use the Kelvin knot and the Windsor knot.
  • The Bow Tie – This link provides a description with images on how to use multiple different methods to tie a tie including the bow tie. This is not a required tie for a job interview but it is never known when a person will need to know how to tie a bow tie.

Whether a person is just out of college and starting a new career, or if they are making life changes and transitioning to a different career, making the best first impression means everything. Remember that it is important to remain courteous, confident, and smile. Write a professional and effective cover letter and resume and be sure to follow-up and say thank you after a certain amount of time if they have not made contact. Prepare for the job interview and dress to impress. Follow the professional dress code, perfect the multiple tie knots, and stay positive. Follow the tips and guidelines and you are sure to ace the interview and be on your way to the career of your dreams.