Historical Black Universities and Colleges

When doing a background check or a people search one important consideration is the person's college background. In America, we place a relatively high premium on where a person was education. This is true not just for background checks, but for evaluating candidates for jobs or other services where education and qualiications are important.

Certain universities have reputations for different strengths. For example, there are certain universities within the United States that are known as historically black universities. While the complete list of all historically black universities contains over 100 schools, certain predominately black schools are notorious for both their academic standards and for their famous alumni. The following is a list of the top 10 historically black schools within the United States:

  1. Clark Atlanta University
  2. Fisk University
  3. Florida A&M University
  4. Hampton University
  5. Howard University
  6. Morehouse College
  7. North Carolina A&T University
  8. Spelman College
  9. Tuskegee University
  10. Xavier University

Many famous African American's graduated from these famous historically black universities. For example, Thurgood Marshall, Senator Edward Brooke, and Toni Morisson graduated from Howard University. Martin Luther King. Jr., Samuel L Jackson and Spike Lee graduated from Morehouse College. The Reverand Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr. are alumni of North Carolina A&T State. Alice Walker and Marian Wright Edeiman graduated from Speiman College. 

Perhaps one of the most famous African American's in the United States, Ophrah Winfrey, graduated from Tennessee State University, another famous university that has had a high percentage of African American attendees, although it did not make the top 10 list. 

The U.S. Department of Education also provides a comprehensive list of historically black universities, organized by geographical region, for those seeking a school in their area.