Historical USA Cities: Boston, Massachusetts

With nearly 650,000 residents, Boston the capital of Massachusetts, is among the top twenty most populous cities in America. Inhabitants and visitors desire to dwell in or visit Boston because its many links to the American Revolution imprint a strong patriotic atmosphere on the city, as historical monuments throughout Boston attest. Being a pioneer city with many of classic historical buildings, Boston, first established in 1630, carries a grace and antique quality. The famous Irish Roxbury, South Boston, and Dorchester neighborhoods also add to the city’s distinction..

Boston, which became a city in 1822, was founded as a town in 1630 by British settlers, known as the Puritans, who came from England in search of more political and religious freedom. The city is considered the birthplace of the American Revolution. Tensions toward England began building up in Boston during 1770 when soldiers with the ruling British Army killed five Boston residents during the legendary Boston Massacre. Then, in 1773, Boston colonists dumped tea into the ocean to protest high tariffs and a lack of legislative representation during what came to be known as the Boston Tea Party. That event is one of the prime events which precipitated the Revolutionary War.

One of the Revolution’s most famous and critical battles, the Battle of Bunker Hill, took place right in Boston on the Charlestown Peninsula. Also, one of the Revolution’s most famous figures, Paul Revere, was a resident of Boston who is known for making the midnight ride to declare the arrival of British forces. Aside from the American Revolution, Boston is also famous for the traumatic Great Boston Fire of 1872 which annihilated the city’s prosperous business area.

Today, Boston is known as professional mecca with many thriving industries, such as the financial industry, the health care industry, and the educational industry. In the field of education, the Boston area is home to the Ivy League’s Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Outside the Ivy League are Boston-area colleges such as Cambridge College, Wellesley College, Boston College, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Brandeis University, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, and Berklee College of Music. These are just a fraction of the Boston area’s educational industry, which is comprised of more than 80 institutions.

Visitors to Boston might relish the opportunity to reflect on Boston-area native John F. Kennedy while visiting the 10-acre JFK Library and Museum. Additional attractions for visitors include the Boston Children’s Museum and Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which boasts nearly 20 restaurants in addition to small cart-based eateries with quintessential Boston cuisine. The Museum of Fine Arts and America’s very first library, Boston Public Library, are also strong tourist lures.

With its commerce, steady population incline, and unique patriotic history, Boston will always be a premier American city. Its culture and personality continue to be feted through Boston-based Hollywood movies like “The Town,” “The Departed,” and “Good Will Hunting.”

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