How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory

There are many different ways to search for a specific topic or item on the Internet. Sometimes the biggest names in the search engine world are not always the best way to go. Below are the best search engines and directories for finding the specific results you are looking for.

Music Finds MP3s available through ftp file transfers. Also has music related chats and a wiki community. If they do not have what you are searching for, they will direct you to a web site that does. They have helpful software FAQ’s as well to make sure you can play your downloaded music.

Who Ditty: Search for songs by lyrics, tags, artist, or type in where you heard the song--from a specific commercial for example.

File Type

Google Advanced: Search for .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .swt or more.

All the Web Advanced: Allows you to search for specific file types including HTML and .txt. You can also narrow down results by searching by last updated.

Giga Blast: Although there is no option for file type searches under their advance search option, users can use command syntaxs. Use “Type: followed by extension”.

Geographic Search

Ask Advanced Search: Modify by language and country search options.

Live Search: Choose a country/region to search for results from that location.

Meta Carta: Search for data and information about a certain geographic location.

Image Search

Fagan Finder: An easy way to search multipul engines for images. With no advertisements, news, or product links like other engines, the pages load quicker and are uncluttered.

Imagery: An image search that allows the user to assess the image size, activate full scale view, zoom in or out, and more.

Pixsy: Search and extract images from free image hosting websites. Allows options for e-mailing photos or saving them to ‘My Pixsy’.

Video Search

Blinkx: One of the largest video search engines with an index of over 32 million hours of searchable video. You can also watch your favorite tv shows online for free with Blinx.

Truveo: Search for all types of online video including tv shows, full-length movies, breaking news clips, sports highlights, music videos, and more.

Search For Video: Indexes online video from over 10,000 sources. SFV does not host or stream online video, instead they provide direct l inks to the best clips around the web.

People Search

Yahoo People Search: Helps look up email addresses, find phone numbers, and view other contact info for people you are searching for.

USA People Search: Search for addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, criminal records, and more.

Pipl: Searches the 'deep web' for names and contacts on sites such as Amazon, Flickr, Myspace, government sites, and more.

Blog Search

Blog Search Engine: Search all blogs or photos from moblogs. You can also browse by subject in the directory.

Find Blogs: A search engine with over 100,000 blog listings.

Technorati: Find Blogs: A blog search engine that tracks what is current and popular. It also offers a search for specific blog posts.

News and RSS feeds

Rss Micro: Allows users to search for RSS feeds as well as in RSS feeds.

CNN News Search: Searches the entire web, news, and videos for the latest and most updated information.

Google News: Search for the latest events and top stories from around the world to your local neighborhood. Sections include: business, entertainment, sports, weather, technology, and news of the weird.

Invisible Web Search

Turbo10: Delves deep into the invisible web to get you results from niche-specific engines.

Complete Planet: Searches for sites that cannot be crawled or indexed by surface engines.

Deep Web: Offers a wide range of searching solutions to the deep web to return greater results inside of databases and resources that could only be accessed via search forms.