Human Rights Resources

All human beings have basic rights and needs, and should be treated with as much equality and respect as possible by their fellow man. Over the centuries, the battle for human rights has been a very difficult struggle. There have been many different organizations and documents created in order to protect these rights, such as the International Bill of Human Rights , which was created at the end of World War II to help create a guideline for how people should treat each other all over the world.

The United States Constitution has played a very significant role in the civil rights of American citizens. This document paved the way for how the US operates, treats its people, and creates its laws. It has served as a model for other nations to follow when it comes to human rights. The ACLU , American Civil Liberties Union, is an organization that helps to enforce these civil rights and they make sure that corporations and individuals are abiding by them.

The United Nations has also created a division that focuses on human rights. Some topics that are covered include the treatment of prisoners in foreign countries, women’s rights, voter’s rights, and the rights of children. The Geneva Convention has provisions which pertain to the proper treatment towards prisoners of war. There is even a Human Rights Day , which celebrates justice and dignity for all inhabitants of the earth. As more people are aware of what human rights are, they become more conscious of how to treat others.

Some other human rights resources include:

· Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Declaration created by Eleanor Roosevelt

· Amnesty International – Working to prevent human abuses all over the world

· Human Rights Campaign – Working for the rights of the gay and lesbian community

· Human Rights Web – Information and basics of human rights

· US Dept. Of State – Division of Human Rights

· Human Rights in China – Protecting the human rights of those living in China

· Campaign for Liberty – Fighting for civil rights in America, protecting our Constitution

· United for Human Rights – Helping individuals and organizations come together

· Youth for Human Rights – Young people working for the cause

· American Bar Association – Division of human rights

The need for equal treatment of all people worldwide continues today, and there is a great deal of organizations that are fighting to protect these rights. Whether it is discrimination on a job, biased behavior due to age, race, or sex, or dealing with abusive behavior, the violation of human rights should never be allowed. Many great leaders have fought and won in the battle, but it still rages on today.