Illinois: History, Government, and Resources

Illinois is one of the 50 United States and has a rich and storied history. The state is home to the Sears Tower, which is the tallest building in North America. It is also home to Chicago, one of the most well-known cities in the world. Illinois is home to the Chicago Bears NFL team, the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan, and the Nabisco cookie and cracker company. On Saint Patrick's Day, the city of Chicago dyes their river green. The post office on Van Buren is the country's only drive-through post office. Illinois is full of wonderful places, people, and things to see and do.

Illinois History

In 1699, the first city in Illinois was founded and was called Cahokia. In 1763, the nation of England received Illinois at the end of the French and Indian War. However, in 1787, the state became part of America's Northwest Territory. In 1818, Illinois was named the 21st state of the United States. President Abraham Lincoln moved there in 1830, and in 1837 the city of Chicago was named. The first state fair took place in 1853. In 1871, Chicago was hit with a tragic fire, but the city was rebuilt and is now one of the most famous and popular cities in the country.

Illinois Government

The government plays an important role in Illinois. In fact, the state has more governmental positions and divisions than any other state. The capitol building is one of the greatest and most detailed in the country. The state's fourth constitution was adopted in 1970. Chicago politics have played a vital role in how politicians operate. Today, the mayor of Chicago is Mayor Richard Daley. President Barrack Obama had his political beginnings in Chicago and was an Illinois Senator before he was elected president.

Illinois Resources for Kids

Illinois is a great place to bring children to visit and see the Great Lakes, enjoy the state's many natural resources, or learn about the city of Chicago. Whether it is the government and how it works, state flowers and animals, or visiting the state zoo, Illinois is a national treasure. Students can learn a number of things about Illinois including the state's history and its ties to President Abraham Lincoln.

Chicago Resources

Chicago is known as "the windy city." The city is home to the country's first aquarium, which opened in 1893. It is also home to the world's first skyscraper, which was built in 1885. It is home to the baseball team the Chicago Cubs, the NFL Football team the Chicago Bears, and the NBA basketball team the Chicago Bulls. Many famous people have come from Chicago, including Oprah Winfrey. The city is home to Loyola University and many large businesses. Sears Tower is located in Chicago, and it has an impressive skyline. The city is rich in artwork, museums, landmarks, shopping, and cultures from around the world.