John C. Ryle

John Charles Ryle was the first Liverpool Anglican bishop. He was born in Macclesfield on the 10th of May, 1816. He had his education at Eton and Oxford’s Christ Church. He was an excellent athlete who played cricket and rowed for Oxford. According to background check, he took a degree in Greats and then declined the offer of a college fellowship. John C. Ryle was a son of a wealthy banker, and he was supposed to pursue a career in politics. In 1836, he won a Craven scholarship .

In 1838, Ryle was spiritually awakened while he was hearing Ephesians 2 in church. In 1842, Bishop Sumner ordained him in Winchester. He was noted for his polemical writings and doctrinal essays, and he became a leader of the evangelical party in the Church of England.

Ryle started his ministry as a curacy in Hampshire, Exbury. After that, in 1843, he became St. Thomas’ rector in Winchester, and the following year, he was Helmingham’s rector in Suffolk. In 1861, he became Stradbroke’s vicar. Then, he took the post of Norwich’s canon in 1872, and in 1880, he became Salisbury’s dean. Before taking the last position at the age of 64, he became the first bishop of Liverpool, where he stayed until 3 months before his death on the 10th of June, 1900. He passed away at the age of 83, and he was buried at the All Saints' Church of Childwall, Liverpool. His Liverpool appointment was actually recommended by the Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

John C. Ryle was a supporter of evangelism, and he criticized ritualism. Some of his works include Principles for Churchmen (1884), Christian Leaders of the Eighteenth Century (1869), and Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (7 vols, 1856-69). He had the gift to find people and reach their hearts with his writings. A huge number of working women and men attended his special preaching meetings, and many of them became Christians.

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Strictly uncompromising of his principles and doctrine, Ryle was a faithful pastor, prolific writer, and vigorous preacher. He was also a father, and his son Herbert Edward Ryle was a bishop too.

John C. Ryle built over 40 churches, and he formed a clergy pension fund for his diocese. He was a faithful and caring pastor for his clergy. Ryle considered raising clergy salaries as more important than building a cathedral for his new diocese. He exercised a straightforward and vigorous preaching ministry. While John C. Ryle demonstrated a vigorous advocacy of his principles in his ministry, he showed much warmth and graciousness in his personal relations.