Meanings of Surnames

Surname meanings refer to the literal meaning of a last name or the origins of that name. Several examples follow on the definitions of last names and surnames.

Adams - comes from Hebrew; means red, earthy, or man. Other related names include Adies and Adamson.

Babcock - thought to come from an abbreviation of Bartholomew; little or small cock (rooster).

Cabel - French or Celtic origins; related to Cabeau.

Dabney - named after a small municipality in Normandy; believed to be a derivation of D’Aubinge.

Eastwick - old English origins; belonging to the East Place or town of Eastwick.

Fullerton - named after a town where cloth is made.

Gaskell - Gaelic origins, meaning valorous.

Hadley - English origins; related to the town of Suffolk or Essex and also means wood or field.

Ingham - named after a town that sits on lower ground such as a pasture.

Jackson - English origins; means the son of John or Jack.

Kendrick - old English origins; related to the Saxon word Kenrick, which means someone rich in learning.

Langton - means a long and oval shaped town or hill.

Moriarty - Gaelic origins; meaning exalted or noble.

Newton - English origins; literally meaning a new town.

O‘ Boyle - English interpretation of O’ Baoighill; named after a fort in Ireland.

Palmer - English origins; meaning a pilgrim.

Quigley - Gaelic origins; meaning a cheap person or a hard rock; unbreakable.

Reynolds - Saxon roots; meaning strong love or a hold over a person.

Saxon - named after the Sexton officer of a church, or the town of Saxon.

Trotter - French roots; meaning a person always moving.

Underwood - English roots; meaning something found under a piece of wood.

Vine - French origins; common in wine producing regions.

Wadsworth - English origins; derived from Woodsworth and meaning a farm.

Yarrow - derived from the plant of the same name.

Zimmerman - German origins; meaning a carpenter.

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