Middle Eastern Studies

Answering the question “What is the Middle East?” is not easy. There is much controversy over what countries encompass the Middle East due to modern economic and political trends. Some say it sits where Africa, Asia and Europe meet, which includes a geographic region comprised of southwest Asia, northeast Africa and Egypt. Recently, it has been considered to include Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Caucacus and North Africa. No matter what countries one considers a part of the Middle East, it cannot be denied that this region is home to some of the world’s earliest civilizations and is and has been an important center for world affairs.

Arts & Humanities
LACMA: Islamic art collections
University of Georgia: Islamic Art, Music and Architecture Around the World
MIT: Islamic Architecture
The Levant: Middle Eastern music, song and dance
Columbia University: Literatures of the Middle East

Business & Economy
The Economist Intelligence Unit: ViewsWire for Middle East
The Database for the Arab World: Economy and Finance sites
UN-ESCWA: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
MENAFN: Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Middle East Business: Business information network

CNPublications: Reporting on the Middle East, Science and Education
UME: University of the Middle East Project
MidEastInfo: The Middle East Information Network
Population Reference Bureau:  Female Education in the Middle East and North Africa
MEYI: Middle East Youth Initiative

University of Chicago: Middle East - Government, states and politics
The Keele Guide: Middle East government and politics on the Internet
CIA World: Fact Book the Middle East
The Open Directory: Middle East government
The Middle East: Middle Eastern government websites

Health & Science
PBS: Middle East science and technology
Middle East Health: Magazine featuring health information for Middle Easterners
SciDevNet:  Middle East & North Africa science and development network
EcoPeace: Friends of the Earth-Middle East

News & Media
MERIP: Middle East Research and Information Project
BBC: News of the Middle East
Hoppa: Newspaper of the Arab World
MEMRI: The Middle East Media Research Institute
The Guardian: Middle East news

Social Science
State University of New York: The Middle East history
Fordham.edu: Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
NPR: Islam on the Internet
EScholarship.org: The Middle East in the Past and Future of Social Science
Cornell University: Languages of the Middle East

Society & Culture
Yale University: Women in the Middle East
Human Rights Watch: Middle East/North Africa
Good Foods: Middle Eastern food
MIdEastWeb.org: Middle East countries at a glance
MEI: Middle East International