Native American Art

Native American artwork is crafted using care and patience, and is still built by hand from many tribes. There are many spiritual and religious beliefs that come across through the artwork of the Native Americans. A background check on a Native American artist will usually turn up pieces that are both beautiful and expressive. You can find many pieces of original art from the Native American culture on the Internet today, or in shops where tribes are still colonized. Each piece is usually hand-crafted with diligence, and can make a fine collection piece for any home. When you want to find people who specialize in Native American artwork, the Internet is the first place you should look.

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Pottery and jewelry dominates the artwork of the Native Americans from the southwest. Wood carvings are a common artwork done by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, as there are an abundance of trees and wood to use as the raw material. Sculptures include totem poles, bowls, jewelry boxes and other items for use or for a decoration. Many modern sculptures have been made from the Native Americans, including letter openers and paperweights. More traditional artwork would be the sculpting of drums and musical instruments from wood, as well as gourds and walking sticks. Wood has always been and still stands as one of the most worked-with materials in Native American art.

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Paintings are an aspect of Native American art that have been done for years, but it is the least traditional of all art forms. While there were a lot of native paintings in the olden tribes, they were done primarily for decorating items. For example, a painting might have adorned a tipi as a cover. One exception to this rule was the art of Navajo Indian sand painting, which was used in religious and healing ceremonies. Sand paintings can be bought today from many places, except in today’s modern world, they are sold primarily for decoration purposes.

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Native American jewelry is one art form that is popular among the much of the public, and continues to be worn by many women. Years ago, the materials that the Indians used to make their jewelry, such as beads, shells, copper and turquoise, were all trade items, meaning that there were noticeable differences of the jewelry in each tribe. Today, you can find two main categories of jewelry- either beadwork or metalwork. Turquoise jewelry is what many think of when the subject of Native American jewelry comes up, but there is much more to the art. Bone beads, seed beads, coral and even porcupine quills are all used in the art of jewelry making. While jewelry was first recognized by the Native Americans as a way to differentiate between tribes, it is now used for mostly decoration purposes.

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Whether you are into paintings, sculptors or jewelry, or any other form of artwork, the Native Americans will have something that will suit your personal tastes.