Native American Bedtime Stories

After telling bedtime stories to your children night after night, there will come a time when you will run out of stories to tell. Instead of telling the common fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White, you can try some new stories that teach them about a new culture and set of moral values. How about Native American bedtime stories? Native American bedtime stories can teach your child how to manage different situations, (find people), be a decent person, and other good values. Here are some of the most famous Native American bedtime stories:

1) How the Buffalo Was Released on Earth: This is a story that originates from the Apache tribe. It is about a dominant human being called Humpback who owned all the buffalos himself, and refused to share meat with his neighbors. Then, a man named Coyote released the buffalos and they spread all over the earth.

2) Yaponcha - The Wind God: This is a story that came from the Hopi tribe. The story relates how the Hopi people controlled a devastating wind that was sent by the Wind God.

3) How Fire Came to the Six Nations: This is a story from the Iroquois tribe, and it is about a boy named Three Arrows who had to take a test of endurance and strength to become a man. During the test, the clan spirit gave him the secret of fire.

4) At the Rainbow's End: This Navajo bedtime story is about a Goddess who tried to protect her sons from a jealous Giant. For that reason, she sent her sons on a dangerous (people search) journey to find their fathers. They succeeded in their (people search) thanks to the rainbow bridge.

5) The Gift of Corn: This Lakota (Sioux) story is about a hermit who taught his people how to keep provisions. The method was used by the Sioux people, and they managed to keep all their provisions fresh for a long time.

6) Creation Story: This story originated from the Apache tribe. It is about the Creator who created the light, the Earth, the sky, and human beings. Before he left, he told the people about the function of each of his creation.

7) The Origin of Fire: This is a story that came from the Apache tribe. It is about a clever fox that managed to steal fire from the fireflies. As a punishment for his crime, he is not allowed to use fire for himself.

8) The Girl Who Was Not Satisfied with Simple Things: This Iroquois story is about a girl who was not pleased with everything around her, and she had a problem finding a husband, simply because she didn’t like anybody. She married a warrior from an unknown clan who was actually a snake in the form of a beautiful man. After she escaped from the snake, she married a man with a good heart, and she told her children to be satisfied with simple things.

Stories teach kids many important things about life, like how to share knowledge, find people, not be selfish, and others. They can help children learn new moral values and build their own value systems in their future lives.