Native American Literature

Native Americans have a rich cultural heritage that includes many skills and traditions. These traditions include jewelry making, sculptures, and the use of animals in various ways that incorporate them into daily life. But Native American literature is something that many people often overlook, or are not aware of. Tecumseh was a Native American born in the state of Ohio. He played a very important role in protecting his tribe from corruption by the Europeans. There have been many different accounts as to how he died in battle, but he made an important mark in the lives of Native Americans.

Native American literature has had a very significant impact on the way people perceive this group of people. The Seven Sacred Prayers, written by author Noel Knockwood, is a representation of how the Native Americans speak to their gods and the spirits of the earth. It is a true reflection on their faith and how it helps them survive. Perhaps one of the most well known Native Americans was Geronimo. He was born in what is now known as New Mexico, and became one of the most famous Apaches of all time. He had great courage in the face of adversity, and was able to stand strong and fight against Mexican settlers. Geronimo has since been a staple in literature, including this poem by author Sue Littleton.

The indigenous people of America have made many culturally important contributions to literature, including hundreds of poems and stories that have been passed down through the generations. These legends are an important part of Native American culture and a means through which the tribes have been able to keep the stories and their past alive so that people will never forget.