Native American Resources Online

There are many online resources concerning Native Americans:


Native American culture is the main focus of Great Dreams. They cover the culture of certain tribes, including information on languages and clothing. The site is constantly expanding to incorporate new forms of culture. Native American Culture follows the same topics and themes and was created by a Native American woman.


History is of big importance to the Native American people and there are many websites devoted to exploring and documenting their history. One of the better websites is First Nations History, which offers histories on over forty different tribes as well as a location list showing where each tribe settled.


The Office of Indian Education contains information pertaining to educational opportunities for Native Americans. A Guide to Native American Studies Programs in the United States and Canada lists all programs in North America that relate to the college level studies of Native American cultures.


Native American Languages contains an in depth listing of all the languages used by the Native American people throughout history, as well as links to more information.


MedLine Plus is a good resource for those interested in Native American health. They list diseases common in this ethnic group as well as prevention of those diseases and clinical trials.


ArtCyclopedia has a webpage where they list major artists in Native American history. Users can read a short biography of the artist and see links where they can view the artists’ work.


There are several online galleries where people can view Native American artwork including Art at the Crossroads and Women Artists of the American West.


The Cornell University Law School lists an overview of Native American law, including resources to find Native American lawyers working in the United States.


The Administration for Native Americans contains information on the program, proposals and upcoming events. Other helpful links include American Indian Environmental Office and Cultural. Paleontological Resources and Tribal Consultation on the Public Lands. Detailed property records provide key insight to the relationship between Native American nations and the federal government.


The Native American Nations provides a full listing of the Nations found in Native American history. Each Nation includes a link to that tribe’s official website or a link to the history of the tribe. NA Nations contains more information such as specific companies created by these Nations.


The National Native American Non-Profit Directory is a full listing of non-profit groups, with a search engine function. They also contain contact information for the organization and a link to their full website.


Jobs at the Tribal College is the best place to look for Native American jobs. Users can upload their resume directly to the website and search through different open positions.


Gaming or gambling is one way in which the Native American people are profiting in the American Southwest. The National Indian Gaming Commission is the best resource because they offer information on gaming laws as well as ways to find casinos in different parts of the country.


Other helpful resources for those interested in Native Americans are Omaha Indian Music, American Indian Film Institute, Native American Architecture, and the Library of Congress.