Online Genealogical Database

Genealogy projects are always interesting to look into because it helps people discover their roots and learn facts about who they are and where they came from. Before the Internet, digging up a family tree was a more difficult task, as hours had to be spent in libraries to find much of the information that is now available at the click of a mouse.

Family Search is a website sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints. The information on this site is limited in comparison to others of its kind, but it is completely free to users, and has been known to help fill in blanks and find more leads.

Ancestry is one of the most well-known genealogy sites on the web today. This paid service has a free trial to help people get started with their research. The collection of databases and other information on this website is enough to help people dig up all the information they need.

Genealinks is a free marriage records database. This site will help with family trees because there are over 30,000 records of marriages.

Family History provides several different databases to search from, along with information on software downloads that can be used to track and store the information on the family tree. This site is sponsored by

Heritage Quest is a online magazine with articles and tips to help those who are searching for their family history. There are several different products on CD-ROM and available for download meant to help.

Genealogy is a site full of researchable databases, articles with search tips and tricks, and more designed to help those who are working on a family tree project.

Geneabios is a free database of biographies to help people who are looking for more information about a person or group of people in their family trees.

Cyndi's List is a list of free online genealogical databases for those who need information but who cannot afford to pay for services such as

Miltary History Online provides genealogical databases for those who need to find information about a family member who served in the armed forces.

Origins is an online resource for those who are interested in Scottish and Irish heritage information.

Royalist is an online database of royal genealogy, for those who are interested to see if they are related to royalty of Britain.

Genogold is a genealogical resource for those in the United Kingdom or those looking for people in the United Kingdom.

About's Genealogy Channel helps those who are working on a family tree project with several different things, such as how to verify the information found.

GenServ is a collection of GEDCOM files uploaded by those working on family tree projects. GEDCOM is the standard file type for pedigree files.

Legacy Family Tree is a provider of family tree software and other information for those who are working on family trees.