People trafficking: are females and children the only targets?

There are approximately 600,000 to 800,000 people who are internationally trafficked each year. Victims of human trafficking include women, child and men of different ages. Human trafficking victims are used for different reasons. The reasons include forced labor, sexual exploitation including prostitution, pornography and sexual acts upon the victim. 

What is Human Trafficking?

 Human trafficking is recruiting, transporting, and receiving a person through force, fraud, coercion, along with other means. Victims of human trafficking are most commonly used for labor, and sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is ranked third among the three top criminal activities for being profitable. The majority of the victims are women, which account for approximately 80% of all human trafficking victims. 

Many victims are victims of fraud, who are promised a better life. Once brought to the destination, they are sexually exploited, sold for slavery, along with other situations. In the world of human trafficking, nothing is free. Victims are put into situations where they can’t pay back their debt. Sexually exploited victims that get turned into prostitutes have to work the streets then all of the money that the victims make gets puts towards their never ending debt. Food, water, and shelter are things that get added to the debt daily.

Other ways people are trafficked include abductions, threats, and force against the victim or family.  Also included are runaway teenagers, addicts, homeless people, and other people in dire or vulnerable circumstances. Human trafficking is growing rapidly, and is known as the fastest growing industry in the world involved with criminal activity. Annually human trafficking makes approximately 5 to 9 billion dollars.


  • What is Human Trafficking?: The website gives information about human trafficking, including how it’s done, and for what purposes.


Women and Children Not Only Targets?

Children and women make up the majority of human trafficking victims, however, women and children are not the only victims. Men are being trafficked as well, and the majority of men that are trafficked are being forced into labor. Sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking and makes up approximately 79% of all human trafficking. 18% of all human trafficking include forced labor, which is the second most common form of human trafficking.

Combating Human Trafficking

 In October 2000, human trafficking became a federal crime, from the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. The U.S. Department of human services and health has put together rescue and restore programs and campaigns in 24 different cities, throughout the country. The campaigns and programs gain community awareness to help stop trafficking. The programs set up anti-trafficking networks to identify and help trafficking victims. Trafficking organizations have also helped stop human trafficking. Organizations raise awareness, and get communities involved recognizing the signs of human trafficking victims. 

  • Somaly Mam: A charity involved in ending the world of modern slavery.
  • Maiti Nepal: An organization trying to end trafficking in Nepal.
  • Forsaken Generation: An organization that aims to end child sex trafficking, homelessness, and hunger problems.