Political Resources

The world's major nations are all operated using varying types of government. Some nations operate under a monarchy rule, while others may be communist. The United States is a democracy, where the people of the nation elect their leaders, while other countries are run under the rule of a dictatorship.

It is important that each country provide its citizens with the right information they need to understand how their government works for them. In addition, people from different nations should be able to educate themselves about other countries and the way their respective politics are handled. With the help of the Internet, more people can explore different nations' political and governmental processes.

Here are some of the major nations in the world and helpful political resources for each:

The United States

The US Constitution Online See the document the founding fathers of the United States constructed in a text version online.
The Official White House site.”
The Official US Legislative sites: Senate & House of Representatives
US people search engine

England/United Kingdom

Official UK Government Website
The British Politics Group, a nonpartisan research conglomerate
UKPOL, a British politics website


Official web portal for the Chinese government
Information base for all things China and government related
A summary of Chinese politics

Russia (Russian Federation)

Unnofficial Vladimir Putin website
Russian governmental information (in Russian text)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan
The Official Prime Minister of Japan page
The Japan

Saudi Arabia

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Page
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia

South Africa

Official South African Government website
Government website for South Africa