Prominent People in America: The History of George Washington

George Washington was born on February 22, 1932 in Westmoreland country, Virginia. He spent his early years in his family estate on Pope’s creek along the Potomac River, and later rose to be an important personality in the history of the United States. He was known as “The father of our country”, due to his involvement in the French and Indian war in 1753, the battle of the Monongahela in 1755, the American Revolution of 1775, signed the declaration of independence in 1776, entered politics and served in Virginia’s house of Burgesses from 1759 to 1774, elected president of the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and was elected first president of the United States unanimously in 1789.

Early Years

He had his early education in subjects such as Arithmetic, surveying, the classics, and “rules of civility”. His father Augustine Washington, tasted sea faring before he settled down to manage his Virginia estates. He had six children by his second wife, Mary Ball (mother of George Washington), and four by his first, Jane Butler. George had one wife, Martha Daindridge Custis, and no children; though Martha on the other hand, had two children for her first husband Daniel Park Custis.

An Officer and Gentleman Farmer

George Washington was a commander in the United States army and a gentleman farmer. As an officer, he was appointed and commissioned by the United States Congress to lead the Continental Army to fight against the British dominance in Boston, during the American Revolution War in the year 1775. This command kept him away from his wife Martha for more than eight years. His military background, though greater than any other candidate limited his preparations. In retrospect, his knowledge kept him in front, and gave him advantage towards warfare activities that involves small numbers of soldiers. George was also limited in the fact that he had no practical experience handling artillery and maintaining supply lines not sufficient enough to accommodate thousands of soldiers in the battle field. As a gentleman farmer at Mount Vernon, he worked hard to expand his plantation, and became a creative farmer, who shifted from tobacco to wheat as his major cash crop.

The American Revolution

The American Revolution took place in the year 1775, as a political and violent change to break free from the British Empire. Thirteen colonies in North America came together in this regards. They defiled and refused the authorities of Britain’s parliament to rule them from abroad without representation. By 1774, the British sent in combat troops to re-impose direct rule after the establishment of a provincial congress by each colony in the United States of America. They responded in defense, to protect their self governance against the British army, which led to the American Revolutionary War.

America’s First President

America’s first president George Washington was unanimously elected president of the United States in the year 1789 to1797. He served two terms as president, and was told to run for a third term, which he refused. His first term was used to restructure and organize the new government by establishing a process of administration that will enable the government to discharge her duties, which they believe was vital for the countries future. While in his second term, he witnessed foreign affairs, and was involved to keep his country out of war by maintaining neutrality even at the face of the French revolution, that occurred during an outbreak of a general war in Europe.

Washington Retires to Mount Vernon

George Washington was set for retirement by 1796. He left office and went to Mount Vernon in 1797, after discharging his duties as a president, and placed the country’s financial system in a well established shape, removed diplomatic difficulties and enlarged the U.S territory. He bid the American people a farewell address, and was succeeded by John Adams.