Royal Genealogy

Royal genealogy is the study of European families related to the original and current royals. There are many people living around the world that can trace their ancestry back to certain royal families and many others who are distantly related, but don’t realize it. There are many websites devoted to royal genealogy, in particular that of English royalty.

One such website is Royal Genealogies, which traces the ancestry of different royals including William IV, George I, and Mary II. Each royal is listed in a separate file and on a separate page to lessen any confusion. The website also includes information on marriages and children, as well as the dates of those events.

Dutch Royal Genealogy traces the Counts of Holland, the Lords of Strijen, and the Dutch Royal Family. These date back to 800 and continue up to 2004. This also includes some famous names such as Charlemagne and those related to those names.

Some users will also find Queen Victoria Grandmother of Europe a useful resource. This contains information on the ancestry of the Queen including those who came before and those who came later. It can be a little confusing since the creator sometimes uses photographs with hard to read names attached, but it also lists most royal genealogy out of England.

The Nobility in Switzerland website lists the important names in the history of the country’s rulers and their children. However it doesn’t list things in a chart form, nor does it show the names of their spouses or when the marriages occurred.

One of the better resources on royal genealogy is Hoelseth‘s Royal Corner. This lists information on the royal family of nearly every country in the world. This includes information relating to lesser known royals such as those from Africa and those who died at a young age. Another helpful website is Royal Descents of Famous People. This website includes proven and unproven royal descents as well as those family trees that have been disproved.

The Royal Genealogy of Prince William contains information on the current prince, his parents, and their family on each side. The website uses a click system to continually go back and forth, which can be a little confusing, but does contain a lot of useful data. Many people also find RoyaList Online useful because it lists every royal in the history of Britain including their spouse, children, and major dates in their life.

The French Royal Family lists a useful tree that shows family members related to French royalty. It dates back to the 900s and continues up to the 19th century, with important dates listed next to each name. There’s also Egyptian Royal Genealogy, which lists ancestors related to the Egyptian royal family. Other useful websites include The World of Royalty and Hein‘s Royal Genealogy Page.