Royalty, Its Not Just a European Thing

Americans are accustomed to hearing the words royal family tossed about when it comes to Britain, but they don’t realize that many other countries also have royal families. Many of these countries are located outside the European borders and far removed from England. Areas such as Africa and the Pacific Islands still have families with a lot of clout and influential power.

The term royal family applies to the individuals related to the king or queen in power. Other terms often used include imperial family and princely family to apply to those distantly related to the king or queen and those not directly related. The important members often include those directly related such as the spouse, children, grandchildren and siblings.

The Middle East is an area that has royal families. These are known as absolute monarchies because the family has full power over political decisions. This is true in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, while nearby Jordan the monarch has some power and control, but not full power. Other countries only use the royal family as a ceremonial figure or group of figures.

Japan has what is known as the Imperial House of Japan and all members of the royal family are related to the current Emperor. The Emperor has certain duties that must be performed, but his descendents take part in only ceremonial events. When the Emperor dies, the title is passed onto his oldest male child. The Kingdom of Thailand also has its own ruling family. The King and Queen have the ruling power, while their children are known as Princesses and Princes.

Bahrain is another country with a ruling family. According to lore, the ruling family arrived in the area from Kuwait and all descendents have held some power. The current King is a direct descendent from the first King. Brazil has had a royal family since declaring its independence from Portugal during the 19th century. Today the royal family is little more than a ceremonial figure head without any real power.

Many people don’t realize that there are also monarchies that exist in North America. Canada is directly connected to the British royal family, with Elizabeth II listed as the incumbent Queen. They also have a Prime Minister and a parliamentary system in place for political regulations. This is similar to the system found in other countries such as Jamaica. The countries are considered a sovereign nation relating to the United Kingdom. The incumbent ruler holds little real power, but is considered a figure head and receives a high level of public attention, but others hold the power.

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