Spies of the American Revolution

Just like any other war, the American Revolution had its share of espionage operations. Spying came out in the open when bumbling Patriot Captain Nathan Hale was captured by British forces, before he was able to perform his duties, and subsequently hanged. Hale is recognized as the first American spy, and the words he said just before he was hanged, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country,” have entered American folklore. Subsequently, the Patriots as well as the Loyalists used spies to report on such factors like troop size, weapons, troop movement, and more, to gain advantages in battles.

Stories of Spies

Spy stories are always fascinating and it’s no different in the American Revolution. From Paul Revere’s escape from the British forces to Benedict Arnold’s switch of allegiance to the mysterious “Miss Jenny,” there were many interesting stories of spies during those times.

·         From Rachel to Paul Revere: A look at Rachel’s letter telling Paul to “take the money and run.”

·         General Benedict Arnold: Biography of one of the most famous spies in the American Revolution.

·         Nathan Hale: The story of America’s first spy.

·         Major John Andre: Biography of Benedict Arnold’s conspirator.

Secret Methods and Techniques

Espionage work is shrouded in secrecy and codes. During the American Revolution, some of the secret methods and techniques include secret codes, invisible ink, captured letter, intelligence, mask letter, and quill letter.

·         George Washington’s Secret Code: The symbols revealed!

·         Spy Letters: A collection of letters written by spies during the American Revolution.

·         Spies: A look at espionage techniques during those times. There’s also a letter written by Benjamin Thompson in invisible ink.

·         The Founding Fathers of American Intelligence: Discusses the history of American intelligence, paying special attention to George Washington’s contributions.

People of the Revolution

There were many people who played important roles in the American Revolution. The most prominent is the First President of the United States, George Washington. Others include George III, Marquis de Lafayette, William Howe, Sir Thomas Gage, Sir Henry Clinton, Benjamin Church, Paul Revere, and others.

·         Biography of George Washington: A brief account of his life.

·         George III: Biography of the king of England during the American Revolution.

·         Sir Henry Clinton: Biography of the British commander-in-chief in America during the revolution.

·         Marquis de Lafayette: Short biography of one of the most important figures in the American Revolution.

Timeline of the American Revolution

On April 19, 1775, the American Revolution war begun and it officially ended on September 3, 1783, when the Treaty of Paris sanctioned the autonomy of the 13 states in the North. Here are some timelines of the American Revolution. 

·         The American Revolution: A timeline organized by year.

·         The Timeline of the Revolution: Links to important events during the war.

·         Timeline of the Revolution: Chronology of American Revolution.

·         Experience the Revolution: Traces the main events of the Revolution.