The Charles Dickens Resource Page

"The Pickwick Papers", "Nicholas Nickleby" and of course "A Christmas Carol" are some of the most famous works of the 19th Century. These works of literature were all written by one man – one of the most renowned authors of the Victorian Period – Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England. Dickens and his family moved to Kent and then London when Dickens was ten years old. Unfortunately, when Dickens was twelve years old, his father was placed in a debtor’s prison. This changed the family and Dickens was unable to continue going to a private school where he became a heavy reader of any and all material that were available to him. 

At a young age Dickens started to work in various businesses and eventually at the age of sixteen he began to use his writing ability by becoming a freelance reporter. In 1833, Dickens first work “A Dinner at Poplar Walk” was published in a London magazine. From there, Dickens continued to write and worked as a political reporter. This led to the publishing of his first novel, “The Pickwick Papers” in 1836.

Over the next several years Dickens was a prolific writer, penning several novels, short stories and articles. Among some of his most popular works of literature are “The Adventures of Oliver Twist” published in 1837, “The Life and Adventures of Nickolas Nickleby” published in 1839, “A Christmas Carol” published in 1843, “David Copperfield” published in 1849, “A Tale of Two Cities” published in 1859 and “Great Expectations” published in 1861. Many of the works of Dickens was based on experiences in his early life.

On June 8, 1870 Dickens suffered a serious stroke at home and was in a coma. On June 9, 1870 Charles Dickens passed away at the age of 58 years old. With the passing of Dickens, the world lost one of the most recognizable writers who was responsible for some of the most timeless classics. Dickens work will be remembered throughout time.

Following are a collection of resources of the life and times of Charles Dickens: