The Nation's Best Historic Places to Visit

The National Register of Historic Places lists the most historically significant buildings, objects, and sites in the United States. Their Database is an excellent resource because it allows users to search for specific locations or sites located with a certain city. However the downside to their database is that it doesn’t always include information on the sites. Here is information on some of the top historical places in the United States:

Located in New York City, Saint Patrick‘s Cathedral is a haven for many people living in the city. Designed by famous architect James Renwick, it opened its doors in 1879 and is still open to the public. Those interested in cultural history will find the original Bloomingdale’s department store located right across the street.

The former home of President Thomas Jefferson Monticello is also open to the public. Jefferson lived at Monticello for a number of years and was used as his retirement home after he left the political world. Public death records indicate this is where the third US president is buried. Throughout the year the site hosts different special events and programs, all of which are described on their website.

Ohio was home to a variety of different Native American tribes and many of their monuments are still standing such as the Serpent Mound. Now maintained by the Ohio Historical Society, the site is open seven days a week and they have a large viewing station for visitors to see the entire mound at one time.

In Boston, one of the best historic sites is the Paul Revere House. This is the same house Revere was living in when he took his famous midnight ride. The organization that operates the house has done much to preserve the original look and integrity of the building.

Race fans know the importance of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The first race was held here in 1908 and they’re run at least one race at the track every year. Fans come from around the world to watch the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400 races. In the middle of the track they also have a museum devoted to the history of the track and they offer on track tours during non-race weeks.

In Arkansas there is the Central High School National Site. The school is one of the more important sites in the history of the Civil Rights movement that’s still standing today. Nine students were stopped from entering the school by the National Guard and the governor of the state.

Built in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge is also worth a look while in California. In the same area is Alcatraz. Some of the most famous criminals in history once served time as this now closed prison, including Al Capone.

Those interested in more contemporary history can stop by Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. This studio saw the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash step up to the microphone. The studio is still used occasionally by modern day groups like U2. They also have tours throughout the week that are free to the public. Not far away is the legendary Graceland, once owned by Elvis Presley and now owned by his surviving family members. The house still looks exactly the same as it did when the King of Rock and Roll was still alive.