The Search is Over: Sign Language Games for Kids!

The Search is Over: Sign Language Games For Kids!

Various forms of sign language developed in different cultures thousands of years ago. In the United States, we use American Sign Language (ASL) as opposed to English Sign Language which is used in Britain. Some areas develop different forms of signing regardless of what the spoken language of that area sounds like. Many people may think that sign language for deaf people is difficult, but just like any other language, it simply requires some practice to master. Children who are deaf or mute sometimes become frustrated when they cannot properly communicate with others who have the luxury of simply speaking to each other. By helping them learn sign language, it makes a world of difference in their lives. Just as other children learn best through games and fun activities, sign language can also be taught in the same way. Browse through the following resources to find fun and engaging ways to teach sign language to kids!

Games for Kids!

Teaching children sign language through games is a way of making them learn while having fun. Kids will associate the lessons with positive emotions, helping them to remember it better. Helping hearing children to play these games will also teach them sign language so that they can practice with deaf siblings or friends.

Teaching Sign Language to Kids!

Use a variety of mediums to maintain a child’s interest while learning sign language. For example, flash cards, activity sheets, small group games such as charades or online tools are different ways of engaging them and keeping the lessons fresh each time. Keep an ASL virtual dictionary bookmarked so that parents and children can refer to it from time to time while working on the games and activities.

The Sign Language Alphabet!

When we begin to learn a language, the first step is to know the alphabet. Sign language has a special alphabet with a distinct hand shape or gesture for each letter. Learn the alphabet from the resources below and then practice spelling out words.

Sign Language Videos!

An easy way to learn sign language is by watching others demonstrate signing words. Start with easy basic words and then try to combine them to make a full sentence. As you become more used to signing words, you will notice that your signing becomes faster and easier.

Extra Information on Sign Language!

An important part about learning sign language is to understand what it is like to be deaf or mute. Have a look at the following resources to find out more about signing and the history of sign language. Continue practicing on a daily basis to develop a more fluent grasp of sign language.