The Woody Allen Story

Allen Stewart Konigsberg is one of the most famous American screenwriter, movie director, actor, comedian, playwright, writer and musician of the 20th Century. However, if you look for the writing of Stewart Konigsberg, you won’t find any information. Instead, you would need to search under his more famous name – Woody Allen.

Konigsberg was born on December 1, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York. During his early years, he would spend time in school showing the other kids some magic and card tricks that he picked up. In addition, he always had an ability to write. While still in high school he was writing material and selling them to performers, under the name Woody Allen. After high school, he began studying film-making at NYU and City College of New York. However, even though he had the talent, he was not a dedicated student and eventually dropped out. However, Allen did have the talent and decided to pursue a career in show business using the name Woody Allen.

In the 1960’s Allen began to formulate his career as a writer. He picked up assignments as a television comedy writer with the Ed Sullivan Show, Tonight Show, Sid Caesar’s Show of Shows, Candid Camera and others. Also during this time he began to write for himself and started to perform as a stand-up comic. Many of his jokes were about his New York upbringing, and generally poking fun at his own persona.

Also in the 60’s Allen began writing plays. He wrote several successful Broadway plays including Don’t Drink the Water and Play It Again, Sam. From Broadway, Allen moved on to writing screenplays and eventually directing movies. Some of the movies that Allen created include Take the Money and Run, Bananas, Love and Death, Play It Again, Sam, and The Front. Allen’s most successful film was in 1977, when he wrote, directed and starred in Annie Hall. The film won 4 Academy Awards that year including the Oscar for Best Picture.

Since the success of Annie Hall, Allen continued to be a prolific filmmaker and has created movies such as Hannah and Her Sisters, Manhattan, Purple Rose of Cairo, Radio Days, Crimes and Misdemeanors and Bullets Over Broadway. Throughout his long film career, Woody Allen has had a unique way of exploring modern life, while putting in a perspective that was all his own. Woody Allen and his films have been recognized not only with Academy Awards by also by the Directors Guild of America, the Golden Globes, BAFTA and many other organizations.

Allen’s writing talent is not limited to television and film. He has also written many articles for The New Yorker magazine and short stories and books such as Getting Even, Side Effects and Mere Anarchy. Over the span of his career, Woody Allen has been one of the most prolific writers and performers in show business. With the amount of work that he has done, you might ask what he does with his free time. The answer, perform of course! If you did a background check you would find that Woody Allen is also an accomplished clarinet player and regularly performs with his New Orleans Jazz Band.

Woody Allen has had a terrific career in performing, writing and directing some of the best movies and plays of his generation. The work that he has done will leave a legacy that shows the true genius of Woody Allen.