The Writings of Eve Bunting

There have been many great writers of children’s books in the history of literature. These great writers have written about a host of topics that have touched upon the lives of children of all ages. One of the best writers in the children/teen writing genre that has touched on many different topics is Eve Bunting.

Bunting was born in Ireland in 1928. During her early years, she was fascinated by the Irish storytelling and the joy that people got from listening and reading the words that took people to a different world. The tales of fairies, ghosts and heroes that she listened to as a child would shape her future as a writer.

In 1958, Bunting and her family moved to the United States. While living in California she decided to explore her love of storytelling and enrolled in a writing class at a local community college. Soon she began writing and her first published book was about an Irish giant named Finn McCool in a story called “Two Giants”. From this start, Bunting became a prolific writer, penning over 200 stories telling tales that she was familiar with from her Irish heritage.

During her writing career, Bunting began writing for all audiences. She believed that all people could enjoy the stories that she had. She wrote stories aimed at pre-schoolers, elementary aged children, teenagers and even for adults.

Another interesting fact about Eve Bunting was the subject matters that she tackled. Bunting did not just stick with one subject that she was familiar with, like many authors do. Instead, she tackled a wide range of subjects including stories about ghosts, mystery’s, giants, homelessness, troubled family life, sharks and racism.

Eve Bunting has been one of the most successful authors of her generation and has been recognized for her efforts. During her writing career, Bunting has won several awards for her books. She was awarded the Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in 1976 for One More Flight. Other distinctions she received include the Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People Award, the PEN Los Angeles Center Literacy Award for Special Achievement in Children’s Literature, and Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People Award Excellence is a Series Award. And her book, Coffin on a Case won an award from the Mystery Writers of America in 1993.

Bunting continues to write stories that are enjoyed by a wide range of readers. In addition to her writing, Bunting also teaches writing at UCLA. To enjoy the work of Eve Bunting, we have gathered a collection of resources about her work and life: