Ultimate Criminal Justice Resource Page


Crime Analysis




  • Criminal Justice Technology – website exploring the impact of technology on criminal justice that addresses the ethical implications of collected data and (background checks) as well as other issues
  • The DNA Initiative – US government website on the use of DNA in criminal justice for the purposes of conducting a people search, solving crimes, helping victims, and other related areas
  • National White Collar Crime Center – organization that provides training, research, and support for preventing and prosecuting white collar crime


  • Advice for Forensic-Science Job Seekers – website on the realities of forensic science jobs and how to find them from a professor at Florida State University
  • Background Check – most individuals looking to obtain a career in the criminal justice
  • Criminal Law Jobs – searchable database of current vacancies in jobs related to criminal justice
  • FBI Employment – official listing of jobs with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which jobs should be searched out only by those who are confident they can pass a background check