US Military Casualties Throughout Time

Thomas Paine once said, "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my child shall live in peace." Peace. That's the legacy purchased by the nearly 700,000 U.S. casualties of war since WWI. They are not the government's collateral damage; they are the sons and daughters of a nation, of a republic. Perhaps human casualty is inevitable in war where personal freedom, safety of others and strategic land is at stake. Soldiers do not underestimate war, honor, or freedom. And they give their lives knowing freedom is far from free. And although the families left behind grieve, they also understand that war and death is inevitable so that Thomas Paine's vision of peace is not in vain and will continue to be fought for by the United States.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Year-by-Year Synopsis Breakdown of the annual conflicts in this ongoing war.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count Tables from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan. 

Global War on Terrorism

Timeline and Synopsis Site depicts terrorism since the 1960s leading up and including the current global war on terror. 

DOD War on Terror Casualty Information Extensive history, news, and statistical information.

Persian Gulf War

Timeline PBS timeline of the Persian Gulf War with timeline maps.

Casualties Listed by name alphabetically for killed in action. includes non-battle deaths.

Detailed Casualty Lists Library resource with state-by-state, component and reason data. Comprehensive information on both Persian Gulf Wars.

Southeast Asia Vietnam Conflict

Vietnam Timeline and Resources A timeline of significant events during the Vietnam War.

The Interactive Vietnam War Memorial The Wall online, search-able, lists every name with casualty and hometown information.

Vietnam War Casualty Links Extensive array of specific databases, including casualties by rank, race, region, even religious preference.

Korean War

Korean War National Museum Site is complete with photos and testimonials as well as synopses.

Battle Casualties and Medical Statistics: Extensive! An amazing amount of U.S. army medical and casualty data.

U.S. Korean War Casualties Includes prisoner of war and missing in action data.

Korean Casualty Searchable Database Enter the name, hit submit, and information on rank, service, residence, date of death and casualty type pop up. Great for genealogists.

World War II

Timeline Information by date or topic with pictures, documents, and maps.

Key Event Summary The invasion of Poland to the dropping of the atom bombs.

Casualty Lists Includes all nations involved as well as a U.S. state-by-state list.

Casualty Statistics United States Personal participation aid in finding statistics for WWII casualty information.

World War I

History/Timeline Summary of specific WWI events from the BBC.

Casualty Statistics Including soldiers killed in action, suicide, and executed.

General Resources

All Wars Casualty Lists Detailed listing of all war casualties since the Revolutionary War, from the American War Library.

In Remembrance Includes moving tributes from families of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 5,000 soldiers remembered.

Arlington National Cemetery Detailed listing of those soldiers buried there throughout the years and through many wars.

Military Operations War Dead Lists and Statistics From the Navy, but includes detailed casualty information for all branches of the military.