Virginia Native Americans of the Past and Present

The Native Americans of Virginia were among the first in our country to meet the arriving Europeans. Their multi-layered culture was forever changed by their relationships with the new visitors. Today’s Virginia Native Americans still struggle for recognition, but language and cultures continue to flourish.

History of Native Americans in Virginia

Long before Europeans reached the shores of the New World and Jamestown was established, the Native Americans of Virginia had a rich culture. Their history is marked with trade, friendship, war, and loss.

Virginia Native Americans of the Past

During the 1600s, there were several tribes living in the area of Virginia. Slowly, as Europeans gained more influence, many of the tribes were driven out of the area by disease and warfare. Some managed to stay, but had their numbers severely reduced.

Today's Native Americans of Virginia

Native Americans in Virginia today use pow wows and social gatherings to keep their language and thriving culture alive.

Virginia Native Americans of the Present

The State of Virginia has recognized eight tribes, but they still continue to fight for recognition by the federal government. All these tribes are very active and determined not to allow their cultures to be forgotten.

Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources

The Native Americans of Virginia played a significant part in early American history. Lesson plans and resources are available for teachers wishing to explore Native American contributions with their students.