White Pages of the World

There comes a time when searching for someone is as easy as picking up the phone book and looking through the pages. Unfortunately, finding people isn't always easy when people are missing or lost and live in another country. Even libraries, which serve as a resource center can’t stock all the phone books for every country. They simply don’t have the room available to house all of these books. Instead searchers can turn to the internet for help in finding white pages for hundreds of countries.

In the United States, WhitePages is the best place to look. This covers every city in the country, with information pertaining to people and businesses. They offer traditional searches by name and city or state. In addition to that, they also offer a reverse search or reverse lookup. Users put in the phone number and get access to the owner’s name and address.

Many times when someone is searching for a white pages, they need to look outside their own country and find an international directory. A great example of this is the International White and Yellow Pages. On the home page they give users the option of choosing regions in Africa, USA, Asia, Europe and the South Pacific. Inside each of those sub-categories is a full listing of yellow and white pages for the countries found in that region.

Then there are websites devoted to the white pages of each individual country or cities within that country. These are similar to the white pages found in the United States and are basically an online version of the telephone directories found in those countries. In Argentina for example, the Paginas Blancas is their version of the white pages.

Telemex is one of the leading providers of internationally based white pages and they have several phone books in larger areas of the world. They run the white pages of Chile and many other South American countries. Telone runs the white pages for Zimbabwe. Both websites allow users to search by name and city.

In Australia, the white pages are run by Telstra and their website lets people search for names, businesses, government numbers, and helpful informational numbers. Though New Zealand is located nearby, it has its own White Pages directory.

The Chinese White Pages may also be helpful to some, but this page is strictly in Chinese, without any English language on the page. The same applies to the French White Pages, which is solely in French.

Other helpful internationally based white pages websites include those for India, the United Kingdom, and Morocco.

For a complete listing of all white and yellow pages from around the world, visit the Numberway website.