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A 19th-century painting master who captured the American landscape through watercolor and occasionally oil on canvas, Winslow Homer was born in 1836. He was a self-made man who taught himself to paint with no formal training. His career began when he took a job as an illustrator; he used lithographs to print photographs for various magazines. That image-making career soon led to experimentations with oil painted-images and eventually his supreme expertise in watercolor -- a medium he only embraced once he was in his mid-thirties.

Homer, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, had a signature style, distinguished primarily by his obsession with painting marine content and outdoor sporting life. His works detailed a water life brimming with exotic birds, fish, fishermen, and sailors. He not only captured the personality of water and wildlife, but his painted snapshots of human interaction with water and wildlife created an iconic and unforgettable lens into the raw, emotional experience of the sea. His tactics in highlighting nature are still much copied by modern day painters and photographers.

Before his death in 1910, Homer completed roughly six-hundred coastal-themed watercolors. Some of his works also note the dismal and disturbing landscape of the Civil War, of which he was a veteran. His paintings, most of which were inspired by his vacations to seaside areas from Florida to France, remain on display in museums across the country. They are known for being dramatic and powerful in their use of contrast.

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