Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering

For some time, women and minorities were largely frozen out of the science and engineering fields. Now, when you run a people search, you will see that they are quickly gaining in prominence, especially within the last few years.

Women in Science and Engineering

Women's Studies Links: Science & Technology: Provides links to many pages and essays discussing women in science and technology.

Women And Minorities In Science Guide: Has information about women and minorities in science fields.


Association For Women In Science: Official site for AWIS which was started to champion the interest of women in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

Women In Science And Engineering Program: A program aiming to increase the presence of women in science and engineering fields.

UIC Women In Science And Engineering: Different programs by the University of Illinois at Chicago to help women in science and engineering fields.

Committee on Women In Science, Engineering And Medicine: A standing committee that coordinates and monitors the participation of women in engineering and science fields.

Society Of Women Engineers: An education and service organization for women in the fields.

Women In Technology International: International website for women in the technology field looking for opportunities or a community.

Women In Science And Engineering Leadership Institute: An organization with a mission to address the impediments to women’s advancement in the fields of science and engineering.

  Caltech Women's Center : A center with programs that advocate women’s advancement in these fields.

MentorNet : Network for diversity in engineering and science.

Association For Women In Computing: An organization that encourages women to continue their education in the technology field.

Anita Borg Institute For Women In Technology: An organization that seeks to increase the impact of women in all aspects of technology.

University of Michigan Women In Science & Engineering Program: Site for the University of Michigan’s program for representing women in science and engineering.

Information Sites

Women In Science: An audio resource for women who are interested in learning about the roles of women in engineering and science.

Women & Minorities In Science Statistics: Statistics you can browse based on race as well as sex.

European Women In Science Statistics: Discusses the statistics of women in science and technology fields in Europe.

Women In Technology: A number of biographies of women involved in the technology field.

Education Level & Employment Statistics: Offers information on statistics based on the level of education.

Future Of Women In Math And Science: Provides information about what women need to know going into math or science fields.

Resources For Women In Mathematics: Resources for women working in any mathematics field.

Barriers To Women In Science: Discusses common barriers to women in science fields.

University of Buffalo Library: An online exhibit about women in science and engineering.

Career Guide For Women In Science And Engineering: Provides information and accounts from living women in the fields.


Women's Salaries And Graphs: Has illustrated graphs as well as information about women’s salaries in the field.

The Archives for Women in Science and Engineering: Archive that documents the history of women in science and engineering.

Barriers To Women In The Field: Discusses the challenges women have to face when they go into the fields of science and engineering.

Women In The Engineering Industry: Offers information and advice for women in the engineering industry.

20th Century Women Contributions To Physics: Archive documenting important contributions made by women to physics in the 20 th century.

Encouraging Women In The Fields Of Science and Engineering: Discusses about encouraging women in their chosen fields of study.

ADA Program: Site for a clearinghouse of information related to women in computing.


16 Significant Contributors: Offers a presentation of 16 important women in the fields of science and engineering.

4,000 Years Of Women In Science: Has detailed biographies about women in these fields.

Rachel Carson: Carson wrote an influential book entitled Silent Spring which examined the environmental damages caused by using pesticides.

Biographies Of Women In Mathematics: Biographies of women who did well in the mathematics field.

Dorothy Hill Collection: Discusses Dorothy Hill, a famous paleontologist who made significant contributions to her field.

Elizabeth Leonard Scott: Discusses Elizabeth Leonard Scott, an influential mathematician.

Women At NASA: Profiles of all the important women working at NASA.

Women In Science, Math & Elsewhere: Discusses women in many different fields.

Racial Minorities in Science and Engineering

Analysis of Minorities In Science And Technology: Analyzes the percentage of African-Americans and other minorities in science and technology.

African Americans

Black Engineering Society: Page for an organization aimed at improving the number of African-Americans in these fields.

Spotlight On African-American Sciences: Focused on information about African-Americans in science fields.

African-Americans in Science, Engineering, and Medicine: Has biographies of many African-American scientists.

Why African-American Engineering Candidates Are Hard To Find: Essay discussing why African-American engineering students are hard to come by.

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora: Discusses African-Americans in Mathematics.


The Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists: Society for Latino engineers and scientists.

Latino Engineers, Architects & Developers Society: Another society for Latino engineers and architects.

Society of Chicano/Latino Engineers: Society devoted to helping Latinos get jobs in their chosen fields.

American Indians

American Indian Science And Engineering Society: Organization for Native American engineers.

Sexual Minorities in Science and Engineering

National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals: Organization for gay and lesbian scientists, promoting their advancement in their fields.

Most people believe that the playing field for women and minorities in science and engineering fields will soon be level.