World War I Poets

Poems come from many places. Some of the world’s most famous poems came from poets who spent years perfecting their art, making sure that the words they wrote could touch people. The truly gifted poets managed to craft poems that not only survived their deaths but survived through cultural shifts and other monumental changes that often leave other forms of art behind. However, some of the most touching poems are not from the more famous poets but ordinary people who found themselves in situations that moved them to write. The World War I poets have written some of the most touching and urgent poems.

Wilfred Owen

Rupert Brooke

Isaac Rosenberg

Siegfried Sassoon

Edward Thomas

Women Poets

  • Old Poetry: Provides good information about a few women World War I poets.
  • Jessie Pope: Biography of Jessie Pope, one of the world’s most famous World War I female poets.
  • "The Call": One of Jessie Pope’s more famous poems.

World War I was the country’s first true introduction to trench warfare and the poems that came out of in those times expressed the true horror of war in the trenches in vivid details. Many of the poems have found a place in many people’s hearts, even decades after they were written. The fact that they were written by ordinary people makes them all the more extraordinary.